Arnold Schoenberg  -   A Perspective     (Glenn Gould)
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Arnold Schoenberg  -   A Perspective     (Glenn Gould)
B1405. (SCHOENBERG) GLENN GOULD. Arnold Schönberg – A Perspective (A Lecture). University of Cincinnati, 1964. 20pp. Photo; Musical Illus.


“This was a lecture presented at the University of Cincinnati by renowned Canadian pianist, Glenn Gould. Gould presents a general thesis about Schoenberg's music. There are a few musical examples plus the text & a photo of Gould.”

“Gould said that if he had not been a musician, he would have been a writer. He expounded his criticism and philosophy of music and art in lectures, convocation speeches, periodicals, and radio and television documentaries for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Gould participated in many interviews, and had a predilection for scripting them to the extent that they may be seen as much as ‘works’ as off-the-cuff discussions. His writing style was highly articulate but sometimes florid, indulgent, or rhetorical.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron