Aksel Schiotz   -   A Discographie     (Herbert Rosenberg)
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Aksel Schiotz   -   A Discographie     (Herbert Rosenberg)
B1425. HERBERT ROSENBERG. Aksel Schiøtz – A Discographie. Copenhagen. Nationaldisktoket, 1966. 48 pp. A Chronological listing of Schiøtz’s recordings from 1934 through 1960. Softbound.


"Schiøtz was the musician's tenor. A musician of the utmost integrity and musicality, tenor Aksel Schiøtz was a symbol of Danish resistance in the face of Nazi rule during WWII in addition to being one of Scandinavia's most accomplished lyric singers. Exemplary in opera, oratorio, and recital, he recorded extensively, preserving on disc interpretations seldom equaled since and scarcely surpassed.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron