A Fiddle, a Sword, and a Lady:  The Romance of Giuseppe Tartini  (Albert Spalding)     (Holt)
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A Fiddle, a Sword, and a Lady:  The Romance of Giuseppe Tartini  (Albert Spalding)     (Holt)
B1427. A FIDDLE, A SWORD, AND A LADY: The Romance of Giuseppe Tartini (Albert Spalding). New York, Holt, 1953 (First Edition), 338pp. DJ. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! Stated First Edition. This is a very rare book and one that may be of interest to musicians and particularly to violinists. Giuseppe Tartini was a violinist (and a composer) who was born in 1692 and died in 1770. Albert Spalding was born in 1888 and on the 125th anniversary of his birth the Strad re-publishied an interview he gave to the magazine in 1907. They introduced the interview with the following short profile: 'At the height of his career, Albert Spalding was known, and indeed publicized , as 'The Greatest American Violinist'. Born on 15 August 1888, 125 years ago, he eschewed virtuoso histrionics in favour of a refined musical sensibility, an approach that brought him an international touring schedule, a vast number of recordings and regular broadcasts on American radio. A hero of both world wars, he was called 'not only a wonderful violinist, but a distinguished citizen and patriot' by his friend and colleague Fritz Kreisler.' A FIDDLE, A SWORD, AND A LADY, a work of historical fiction, was Albert Spalding's only novel and was published in 1953, the year of his passing.


“So adroitly constructed is this tale and so well-managed is its adventure and suspense that it is almost startling to realize that although Albert Spalding is internationally known as a violinist, "A Fiddle, a Sword, and a Lady" is his first venture into fiction. He carries it off with the virtuosity of a veteran.”

- Thomas Caldecot Chubb, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 29 March, 1953