Mihaily Szekely  -  Biography & 2 disks    (Peter Varnai)
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Mihaily Szekely  -  Biography & 2 disks    (Peter Varnai)
B1435. MIHÁLY SZÉKELY (Peter Varnai). Budapest, Zenemukiado, 1968. 83pp. Chronology; Photos; Musical Examples; Incl. two 33 1/3 disks of operatic arias by Székeky. DJ. (Hungarian Text)

“According to Rudolf Bing, among many other authorities, Mihály Székely had been gifted not only with one of the most genuinely beautiful basso profundo voices of the 20th Century, but with his enormous interpretative power and thorough understanding of the music he sang, he was able to mesmerize his audiences….For obscure reasons, much of Székely’s recorded legacy remains unavailable.”

- George Kennedy, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2015