Golden Age Recorded  (Revised Edition)   (P. G. Hurst)
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Golden Age Recorded  (Revised Edition)   (P. G. Hurst)
B1448. P.G. HURST. The Golden Age Recorded (Second, Revised Edition). UK, The Oakwood Press, 1963. 187pp. Illustrated with Punch caricatures; DJ. Latter-Day Rarity, a highly sought-after, fascinating (albeit questionable) reference source by the celebrated author.


“According to the pioneer record collector P G Hurst, after a 'warm and genial twilight' and the halcyon season of 1908, opera singing declined into a 'hard and cold competence'.

"You will have to beg, borrow or steal a copy of Hurst's seminal book THE GOLDEN AGE RECORDED, first published in 1946, if you want to understand the fanaticism of some collectors. As a child, Hurst was taken regularly to Covent Garden by his parents and first heard Caruso there in 1904. He knew his stuff.”

- John Windsor, THE OBSERVER, 5 November 2005

“I have just finished reading the new and revised edition of THE GOLDEN AGE RECORDED, and this has been changed in many respects from the original one. There are now some delightful illustrations reprinted from Punch, and some of the less important native artists have been omitted and replaced by other names.

As a reviewer…I cannot conclude without expressing my personal indebtedness to Mr. Hurst for his help and advice in the past. It was his enthusiasm and his writing which first made me take an interest in the great artists of the Golden Age and I have been privileged to enjoy his friendship for over 20 years. He, more than any of us, has the gift of making the past live, and no collector should be without this revised edition of THE GOLDEN AGE RECORDED.”

- John Freestone, GRAMOPHONE, Nov. 1963