Murder in the Smithsonian    (Margaret Truman)
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Murder in the Smithsonian    (Margaret Truman)
B1495. MARGARET TRUMAN. Murder in the Smithsonian [A Novel; her first book]. New York, Arbor House, 1983. 221pp. DJ. - More delightful D.C. deviousness for the readers of Murder at the Kennedy Center.


gMary Margaret Truman Daniel, also known as Margaret Truman or Margaret Daniel, was an American singer who later became a successful writer. The only child of US President Harry S. Truman and First Lady Bess Truman, she was ewitty, hard-working Midwestern girl with singing talent who was neither particularly pretty nor terribly plainf.

After operatic vocal training, Truman's singing career began with a debut radio recital in March 1947. Reviewers were not always kind, but her father was fiercely protective: when in 1950 WASHINGTON POST music critic Paul Hume wrote that Truman was eextremely attractive on the stage... [but] cannot sing very well. She is flat a good deal of the time. And still cannot sing with anything approaching professional finishf, President Truman wrote to Hume, eSome day I hope to meet you. When that happens you'll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!f A 1951 TIME MAGAZINE cover featured Truman with a single musical note floating by her head. She performed on stage, radio, and television until the mid-1950s.h

- Ned Ludd