5000 Nights at the Opera   (Rudolf Bing)    (0-385-09259-8)
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5000 Nights at the Opera   (Rudolf Bing)    (0-385-09259-8)
B1542. RUDOLF BING. 5000 Nights at the Opera. Garden City, Doubleday, 1972. 345pp. Photos; DJ. - 0-385-09259-8


“Wielding his powerful position at the Metropolitan Opera with intense personal charisma over two decades, Sir Rudolf Bing ruled much of the operatic universe in autocratic fashion, nurturing young artists and cutting superstars down to size with equal enthusiasm. He oversaw the abandonment in 1966 of the stately but somewhat dilapidated old Metropolitan Opera House [which he then had razed] and the construction of a grand monument to his regime, the building the company now occupies, which dominates Lincoln Center. His conservative musical and dramatic bent, preference for Italian opera and concern for theatrical values yielded an identifiable artistic legacy.”

- James R. Oestreich, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 11 March, 1990

"With the devilish wit and unyielding dedication to maintaining the 'grand' in grand opera which has made him great, Sir Rudolf reveals what running the country's greatest opera company, for twenty-two years”

- Zillah Dorset Akron