Helen Morgan    (Gilbert Maxwell)    (0-8015-4526-9 )
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Helen Morgan    (Gilbert Maxwell)    (0-8015-4526-9 )
B1555. GILBERT MAXWELL. Helen Morgan, Her Life and Legend. New York, Hawthorn Books, 1974. 192pp. Index; Photos; DJ. A warm biography of a singer/actress who was a star of stage and film in the 1920s and ‘30s, being one of the original stars of the play SHOWBOAT where she sang ‘Bill’ and ‘Can't Help Lovin' That Man’. - 0-8015-4526-9


“Helen Morgan was an American singer and actress who worked in films and on the stage. A quintessential torch singer, she made a big splash in the Chicago club scene in the 1920s. She starred as Julie LaVerne in the original Broadway production of Hammerstein and Kern's musical SHOW BOAT in 1927 as well as in the 1932 Broadway revival of the musical, and appeared in two film adaptations, a part-talkie made in 1929 (prologue only) and a full-sound version made in 1936, becoming firmly associated with the rôle. She suffered from bouts of alcoholism, and despite her notable success in the title role of another Hammerstein and Kern's Broadway musical, SWEET ADELINE (1929), her stage career was relatively short. In spite of the National Prohibition Act of 1919 outlawing alcohol in the United States, Morgan became a heavy drinker and was often reportedly drunk during these performances. It is even remarked that her trademark of performing while perched on top of a piano was because she was often too drunk to stand up.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron