Fiddler's Luck     (Robert Haven Schauffler)
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Fiddler's Luck     (Robert Haven Schauffler)
B1579. ROBERT HAVEN SCHAUFFLER. Fiddler’s Luck – The Gay Adventures of a Musical Amateur. Boston, Houghton-Mifflin, 1920. 276pp.


“Robert Haven Schauffler was an American writer, cellist and war hero. Schauffler published poetry, biographies of Beethoven, Brahms, and Schumann and a series of books celebrating American holidays.

Schaffler's first successful career was as a cellist and he studied with several notable musicians. His academic studies started at the Northwestern University, but he completed his degree at Princeton before going on to study at the University in Berlin in 1902-3. By this time he had already been editor of the Nassau Literary Magazine magazine for a year. On his return from Berlin he combined his skills as a music editor for another magazine. He came to notice in 1912 when he published a book of poetry named after a poem called ‘Scum o' the Earth’. This poem had come to notice after being published in a magazine. The poem had focused attention on the monetary divide between middle class American and poor immigrants. In 1907 he published the first of several books that celebrated American holidays. The book he created for Christmas includes several extracts from Dickens, Shakespeare, Leigh Hunt and William Morris. The first section deals with whether there is or is not a Santa Claus by quoting the 1897 editorial by Francis Pharcellus Church. The book is certain that there is.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron