Marie Tempest   (Hector Bolitho)
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Marie Tempest   (Hector Bolitho)
B1589. (MARIE TEMPEST) HECTOR BOLITHO. Marie Tempest. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1937. 320pp. Index; Chronology; A Record of Marie Tempest's Appearances, 1885-1935, Compiled by John Parker; Photos. Excellent, ex-lib copy.


“Dame Marie Tempest was an English singer and actress known as the ‘queen of her profession’. Tempest became the most famous soprano in late Victorian light opera and Edwardian musical comedies. Later, she became a leading comic actress and toured widely in North America and elsewhere. She was, at times, her own theatre manager during a career spanning 55 years. Tempest was also instrumental in the founding of the actors' union Equity in England. She studied music in Paris and at the Royal Academy of Music in London, as a singing pupil of Manuel García, the tutor of Jenny Lind. Tempest débuted in 1885 as Fiametta in Suppé's operetta BOCCACCIo at the Comedy Theatre in London, where she also took the title rôle in ERMINIE by Edward Jakobowski. She starred steadily in London for the next two years in light operas by Hervé and André Messager, among others.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron