I Touched a Sparrow (Ethel Waters)   (Twila Knaack)   (0-8499-2849-4)
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I Touched a Sparrow (Ethel Waters)   (Twila Knaack)   (0-8499-2849-4)
B1595. TWILA KNAACK. Ethel Waters – I Touched a Sparrow. Waco, TX, World Books, 1978. 128pp. Photos; DJ. - 0-8499-2849-4


“Twila Knaack, who met Ethel and subsequently became like a daughter to her, shares the intimate details of Ethel's last years — her declining health, her loneliness, her never-failing sense of humor, combined with her love of the Lord that endured it all. Through Twila's eyes you'll see Ethel in her many moods. You'll also share the reminiscences of Ethel — humorous and poignant — provided by many people who knew and loved her.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron