The Grand Opera Singers of To-day   (Henry C. Lahee)
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The Grand Opera Singers of To-day   (Henry C. Lahee)
B1628. HENRY C. LAHEE. The Grand Opera Singers of To-day. Boston, Page, 1912. 461pp. Index; Chapters & Photos incl. Garden, Morena, Caruso, Fremstad, Abott, Rappold, Farrar, Tetrazzini, de Cisneros, Bonci, Renaud, Gerville-Réache, Zenatello, Dufranne, Melis, Huberdeau, Destinn, Gay, Alten, Martin, Jörn, Amato, Gluck, Clément, de Pasquale, Slezak, Jadlowker, Whitehill, Mme Charles Cahier, Matzenauer, Griswold, Nielsen, Lipkowska, Dereyne, Jeska Swartz, Constantino, Mardones, Amsden, Scotney, Lankow, Vanni-Marcoux, Lucille Marcel, White, Teyte & Wittkowska. 461pp. Pages have gilt tops.


"In writing THE GRAND OPERA SINGERS OF TO-DAY the object was to give some account of the leading singers who have been heard in America during the present century. Contents Include; I. The Metropolitan Opera - House Under Maurice Grau. II. The Metropolitan Opera - House Under Heinrich Conried. III. The Manhattan Opera - House Under Oscar Hammerstein. IV. The Metropolitan Opera - House Under Gatti-Casazla and Dippel. V. The Boston Opera - House Under Henry Russell. VI. The Chicago - Philadelphia Company under Andreas Dippel. VII. Conclusion.... Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive."

Biographical Note:

"Henry Charles Lahee (1856–1953) was an American author on music. He wrote several comprehensive biographical reference works on musicians."