Recorded Memories     (P.G. Hurst)
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Recorded Memories     (P.G. Hurst)
B1640. P.G. HURST. Recorded Memories - A Collectors Treasury. England, Peter Ness Publisher, 1934. 41pp. This Presentation Copy, with a typed note to Stephen Fassett, 8 July, 1934 (regarding the ‘forthcoming’ series of IRCC disks via Seltsam), Signed by the Author, is Numbered Copy #66 of an Edition Limited to 100 copies. Softbound, Quarto Edition. This major rarity is in excellent condition, albeit front cover is detached. Most deserving of re-binding.


“As a reviewer…I cannot conclude without expressing my personal indebtedness to Mr. Hurst for his help and advice in the past. It was his enthusiasm and his writing which first made me take an interest in the great artists of the Golden Age and I have been privileged to enjoy his friendship for over 20 years. He, more than any of us, has the gift of making the past live....”

- John Freestone, GRAMOPHONE, Nov. 1963