Columbia Concerts Corporation,  Artists Almanac, 1932-33
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Columbia Concerts Corporation,  Artists Almanac, 1932-33
B1642. COLUMBIA CONCERTS CORPORATION ARTISTS ALMANAC, 1932-33, of Columbia Broadcasting System, featuring Metropolitan Musical Bureau, Arthur Judson Concert Management, Evans & Salter, Haensel & Jones, Wolfsohn Musical Bureau, Community Concert Service. Incl. Elaborate Profiles & Photos: Bori, Galli-Curci, Garden, Kurenko, Lehmann, Moore, Pons, Ponselle, Rethberg, Schumann, Anderson, Bampton, Onégin, Althoue, Dino Borgioli, Crooks, Edward Johnson, McCormack, Schipa, Tauber, Bonelli, de Luca, Robeson, Tibbett, Bauer, Gabrilowitsch, Horowitz, Novaës, Prokofiev, Elman, Heifetz, Menuhin, Milstein, Piatigorsky, Ricci, Spalding, Szigeti, and many, many more. New York, Columbia Concerts, 1932. 211pp. Dark-green stiff boards, a remarkable copy for its age and derivation, under normal circumstances, this would have been a handy desk reference for concert managements to whom it was directed.


“Arthur Judson is remembered as the megalomaniac who managed the Philadelphia Orchestra, 1915-35, the NYPO, 1930-56, the founder of ABC (which became CBC), Columbia Artists Management, 1930-55 (thus deeply involved with Community Artists Management), the manager who sent Ormandy, Mitropoulos and Dorati to the Minneapolis Orch., who severely curtailed the career of Rodzinsky as well as the American careers of Goossens and Klemperer, ultimately incurring the wrath of then President Truman who, in 1948, requested the FBI to investigate Judson’s monopoly of concert management, resulting in anti-trust laws.”