Le Carte della Scala    (Remo Giazotto)    88-7096-154-0
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Le Carte della Scala    (Remo Giazotto)    88-7096-154-0
B1690. REMO GIAZOTTO. Le Carte della Scala, 1778-1860. Pisa, Akademos, 1996. 236pp. Index; Bibliography; Illus. with 27 plates (some color), 44 facsimilies of documents. (The Cards of the Scala: Stories of businessmen and contractors theatrical, 1778-1860) (Italian Text) (Pictorial thick paper covers) - 88-7096-154-0


“Remo Giazotto was an Italian musicologist, music critic, and composer, mostly known through his systematic catalogue of the works of Tomaso Albinoni. He wrote biographies of Albinoni and other composers, including Vivaldi. Giazotto served as a music critic (from 1932) and editor (1945–1949) of the RIVISTA MUSICALE ITALIANA and was appointed co-editor of the NUOVA RIVISTA MUSICALE ITALIANA in 1967. He was a professor of the history of music at the University of Florence (1957–69) and in 1962 was nominated to the Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia. In 1949 Giazotto became the director of the chamber music programs for RAI (Radio Audizioni Italiane) and in 1966 its director of the international programs organized through the European Broadcasting Union. He was also the president of RAI's auditioning committee and editor of its series of biographies on composers.”

- Ned Ludd