The Magic Flute     (Peter Gammond)   0-214-20681-5
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The Magic Flute     (Peter Gammond)   0-214-20681-5
B1729. PETER GAMMOND. The Magic Flute – A Guide to the Opera. London, Barrie & Jenkins, 1979. 159pp. Photos; Illus., DJ. - 0-214-20681-5


“Written in the final year of his life Mozart collaborated with his actor friend, Schikaneder to produce this ever popular opera which included the serious theme of masonic values; a complete libretto is included in the book with an English translation.

Author, music critic, artist and musician, Peter Gammond was born in Northwich, Cheshire in 1925, inheriting his musical interests from his father who was a cellist. He joined the Decca Record Company in 1952 as a music editor leaving in 1960 to become a freelance writer, critic and author. He has written over forty books on jazz, ragtime and the music-hall, including The Oxford Companion to Popular Music, and, on the classical side, books on Schubert, Mozart, Offenbach and record collecting.”

- Loyal Bluto