Opere in Disco da Monteverdi a Berg      (Carlo Marinelli)
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Opere in Disco da Monteverdi a Berg      (Carlo Marinelli)
B1735. CARLO MARINELLI. Opere in Disco da Monteverdi a Berg (discografie di 25 opere e di 3 balletti). Firenze, Discanto edizioni, 1982. 547pp. Indices; Bibliography; (Italian Text) (Pictorial thick paper covers) Excellent, clean copy has 2 wee tears.


“Guides to complete opera recordings are hardly thick on the ground, and guides with discographic pretensions are scarcer still, so OPERE IN DISCO has little competition. Its author, Carlo Marinelli, has been writing about opera and contemporary music for more than thirty years, and is described by his publisher as ‘one of the pioneers of critical discography in Italy’; he has six entries in Gray and Gibson, Bibliography of Discographies I, ranging from Rossini to Schönberg. The book at hand began as a series of discographies prepared over the past twenty years for publication in the programs of major Italian opera houses….An appreciative foreword by Goffredo Petrassi commends both Marinelli's discography and his criticism, and the commendation is not unwarranted. So, even though the book is available only in Italian and only from Italy, it has points of interest for ARSC Journal readers.”

-John W. N. Francis, ARSC Journal, Vol. 15, #1, 1983