Voices of the Past, Vol.III  -  Dischi Fonotipia  (John R. Bennett)
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Voices of the Past, Vol.III  -  Dischi Fonotipia  (John R. Bennett)
B1754. JOHN R. BENNETT. Voices of the Past, Vol.III - Dischi Fonotipia, incl. Supplement & Addenda (Two books in one, 1953 & 1958, resp.). Xeroxed copy of UK, The Record Collector Shop, 1953. 147pp. Index. Magnificently bound in ¾ leather, marbeled boards, gilt print on red spine.


"John Reginald Bennett’s compendium, VOICES OF THE PAST, is a major reference to English, Italian, French, German, and Russian vocal recordings between 1898 and 1925. These volumes, encompassing more than 25,000 vocal recordings."

“Fonotipia Records, or Dischi Fonotipia, was an Italian gramophone record label established in 1904 with a charter to record the art of leading opera singers and some other celebrity musicians, chiefly violinists. Fonotipia continued to operate into the electrical recording era, which commenced in 1925-26, by which time the company had been absorbed into Odeon records. The records made by Fonotipia are prized by collectors and musicologists for their high technical quality, and for the high artistic merit and interest of much of what was captured for posterity.”

-Z. D. Akron