Mille Voci una Stella   (Jewish Singers)  (Luciano di Cave)
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Mille Voci una Stella   (Jewish Singers)  (Luciano di Cave)
B1767. LUCIANO DI CAVE. Mille Voci una Stella [Extensive Biographical Sketches of Jewish Operatic and Classical Singers]. Roma, Carucci, 1985. 243pp. Indices; Bibliography; Numerous Photos incl. Abendroth, Ancona, Anday, Bilgora, Bosetti, Culp, Dalmorès, Donalda, Henschel, Ivogün; Jadlowker, Kiepura, Kipnis, Koshetz, Kurt, Kurz, Liebenberg, Massary, Matzenauer, Metzger, Pauly, Raisa, Renaud, Rimini, Schöne, Schorr, Schwarz, Sibiriakoff, Slobodskaya, Sved, Tartakoff, Tauber, Tourel, Warren, Zadek, etc.; DJ. (Italian Text). Superb hardbound edition, w.paper DJ. A beautifully-produced book of an invaluable reference source. Very long out-of-print.


“Salvatore Di Cave established his first shop of second-hand books in 1906 in the center of Rome, exactly in Piazza di pietra, famous for the old Temple of the Emperor Adriano, and allotted it to his elder son, Raniero. Two years later, in 1908, he founded another shop not far from the Pantheon and allotted it to his younger son, Luigi. His elder daughter, Fedora, married a cuirassier. Salvatore Di Cave died in 1924 and my father, who needed a family, married in 1925. Thus was the humble beginning of Libreria di Cave.

Today there are fine words about digital books that could take the place of the traditional old volumes. They have their importance, it is true, but nothing will be able to replace the perfume of the paper, the preciosity of a fine binding, the splendour of the colours of photos, the pleasure one obtains turning over the pages of a book. And above all, for a bookseller or a customer to be in direct touch the one with the other.”

- Luciano Di Cave, (Libreria di Cave), Rome, June 2014