Osmin's Rage       (Peter Kivy)     0-691-07324-4
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Osmin's Rage       (Peter Kivy)     0-691-07324-4
B1783. PETER KIVY. Osmin’s Rage – Philosophical Reflections on Opera, Drama, and Text. Princeton University Press, 1988. 303pp. Index; Illus.; DJ - 0-691-07324-4


"In this work, the author studies the special problem of opera - how it became both a dramatic and a musical art, and what its underlying aesthetic principles are. He traces its philosophical foundations from the imitation theories of Plato and Aristotle, through Descartes and the British Enlightenment. In a new concluding chapter, the author advances his argument on behalf of a distinctive intellectual and musical character of opera before Mozart. He proposes that happy endings were a musical - as opposed to a dramatic - necessity for opera during this period and that Mozart's IDOMENEO is properly enjoyed and judged only when listeners are attuned to its 17th- and 18th-century forebears."

- Princeton University Press