Opera in Paris, 1800-1850   (Patrick Barbier)   0-931340-83-7
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Opera in Paris, 1800-1850   (Patrick Barbier)   0-931340-83-7
B1785. PATRICK BARBIER. Opera in Paris, 1800-1850 – A Lively History. Portland, OR, Amadeus Press, 1995. 243pp. Index; Bibliography; Illus. - 0-931340-83-7


“Barbier embarks on a detailed description of operatic life in Paris during this period, focusing on the relationship between politics and music; the management of the various opera-theaters; opera audiences; the roles of the composer, librettist, and director; and the often vituperative attacks by critics on works that did not fit into the expected mold. Few notable operas originated in Paris at this time; most were imports, and many were bowdlerized by the theaters in an attempt to mold them into a more ‘popular’ form. Native composers like Berlioz had difficulty having their more adventurous works staged, and when they were performed they were often roundly jeered. The author offers some lively anecdotes about the period's many colorful operatic stars, as well as the audience and composers.”

- Kirkus Reviews