Symphony Hall, Boston    (H. Earle Johnson)
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Symphony Hall, Boston    (H. Earle Johnson)
B1815. H. EARLE JOHNSON. Symphony Hall, Boston. Boston, Little, Brown, 1950. 431pp. Photos; DJ.


“Written to commemorate the Boston Symphony Hall's 50th Anniversary, this history of an important phase in Bean -Town's musical life is for those who enjoyed Kolodin's THE METROPOLITAN OPERA and the similar book issued in 1941 when New York's Carnegie Hall reached its half-century mark. Beginning with a detailed description of how the Hall came to be built, Johnson goes on to cover the history of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the concerts given at the Hall by world-famous singers and instrumentalists, and its ‘other’ functions - the ‘Pops’ concerts, political speeches and campaign, rallies, exhibits, and occasional plays. Appendices provide complete lists of the works performed by the Symphony from 1881 to 1949, of conductors and guest conductors, soloists, etc. A special item.”

- Kirkus Review