Cinderella no More     (Lionel Tertis)
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Cinderella no More     (Lionel Tertis)
B1919. LIONEL TERTIS. Cinderella no More. London, Peter Nevill, 1953. 118pp. Index; Photos. Excellent copy has very sl.mildewed covers.


“The first autobiography written by Tertis at the age of 77. It's about how he brought the viola to be no longer neglected and considered the Cinderella of the string family, but an instrument with its own character and personality. Tertis's is the story of a crusade which, unlike most crusaders, he has lived to see triumphantly completed. His whole life has been spent in the service of the viola, which he found a Cinderella and has made a princess, enlisting by his art and his determination the interest of many of the first composers of the day. His book is an easy, colloquial account of an extraordinarily devoted life, enlivened by anecdotes of musical life and musical personalities. In an appendix the curious will find a diagram of the Tertis Model Viola which, rather than any book, will remain the true monument to his genius.”

- THE SPECTATOR, 23 Oct., 1953