Gregor Piatigorsky     (Terry King)         978-0-7864-4635-3
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Gregor Piatigorsky     (Terry King)         978-0-7864-4635-3
B1859. TERRY KING. Gregor Piatigorsky – The Life and Career of the Virtuoso Cellist. Jefferson, NC, McFarland Publishers, 2010. 358pp. Index; Bibliography; Discography; Filmography; Numerous Photos; Illus. (Pictorial thick paper covers) - 9780786446353


“There is hardly a cellist alive who has not read Gregor Piatigorsky’s original autobiography CELLIST, published in 1965. CELLIST ended in mid-career, and now Terry King completes the story of an incredible and controversial artist in a way that only someone who was close to him could do, yet has the ability to see him critically.”

- ARSC Journal, Spring, 2011

“Gregor Piatigorsky was a giant who stood alone in the 30s as a classical music cellist…Terry King, now a master cellist himself, has captured his mentor's charm and generous personality in an amazing book…would be number one on New York Times Reading List About Cellists.”


“In Terry King, Piatigorsky’s protégé and friend, Piatigorsky finds the perfect champion. The book is indispensable reading for cellists, string players, and all music lovers.”

- STRINGS, May, 2011

“Gregor Piatigorsky was one of the most fascinating and charismatic people I have ever encountered. His story, by turns tragic and exhilarating, is unique. It is wonderful that Terry King has now chronicled the personal and musical life of this amazing personality.”

- Steven Isserlis

"This is what we have long been waiting for: a book that finally puts the Great Piatigorsky in historical context. Terry King's amazing research and scholarship enlivens the subject and enlightens his readers; a superb achievement deserving of the deepest bows.”

- Nathaniel Rosen

“What a great service you have done to the cello world! It is fascinating to read and learn so much of his pre-America life, too! It is great!”

- Lynn Harrell

“I am so happy that Terry King has written this informative and often touching account of my husband's life as a cellist and great artist. He has beautifully and painstakingly given us all a treasured gift with this work. I admire the effort he has made to write this book and am deeply grateful for the contribution it makes to our family and music lovers throughout the world.”

- Jacqueline Piatigorsky