Boris Christoff in London;   Boris Christoff in Bulgaria  -  Michael Letchford   (9780956479648)
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Boris Christoff in London;   Boris Christoff in Bulgaria  -  Michael Letchford   (9780956479648)
B1862. BORIS CHRISTOFF in London; BORIS CHRISTOFF in Bulgaria. MICHAEL LETCHFORD, Ed. U.K., Goar Lodge, Privately Printed by the Author, 2020. 116pp. Index; Bibliography, Chronology, Discography, Numerous Photos; Illus. (Pictorial thick paper covers) - 9780956479648


“This book should be a welcome addition to satisfy fans of one of the 20th Century’s truly outstanding artists….Included in the book are transcriptions of a BBC interview with that very knowledgeable music critic and record collector, the late Alan Blyth. Here, the singer responds well to the questions and explains his motivations as an interpretative artist….The book also features a complete chronology of Christoff’s broadcasts, concerts, recitals and London appearances, together with important contemporary reviews….Although this is a paper-back edition, the book is printed on excellent paper and there are many excellent photographs of the singer.”

- Alan Bilgora, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2020

“The author of this fascinating compendium, Michael Letchford, knew Christoff personally, and this collection of biographical outlines, aesthetic appreciation, performance and recording data of the great singer's years in London, together with extracts from press reviews and broadcasts scripts, is threaded through with many photographic illustrations. This is a book on a great artist which does full justice to its noble subject, with much information published in English for the first time.

Michael Letchford has published a number of similar books on singers of the past, in every instance providing much needed insight and information of the artists concerned. The presentation quality of this book is fully in accordance with the significance of its subject matter, and it must take its place alongside those earlier titles from this highly dependable source, in paying full respect to a truly magnificent artist.”

- Robert Matthew-Walker, MUSICAL OPINION QUARTERLY, July - Sept., 2020