Leopold Stokowski - The Philadelphia Orchestra;  Bampton, Althouse, etc.   (4-Andante 4978)
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Leopold Stokowski - The Philadelphia Orchestra;  Bampton, Althouse, etc.   (4-Andante 4978)
C0061. LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI Cond. Philadelphia Orch.: Dubensky, Glière, Moussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Ravel, Debussy, Hindemith & Schönberg (the latter’s GURRELIEDER, w.Bampton, Althouse, etc. ). 4-Andante 4978, recorded 1927-40. Lavish Edition features elaborate sturdy hardcover deluxe book. Transfers by Ward Marston. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! [Please note B1433 - the definitive biography for all Stokowski enthusiasts, Oliver Daniels' LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI, A COUNTERPOINT OF VIEW] - 699487497825


“Please let me know if there is a set on the market that demonstrates more comprehensively what a lost art conducting has become in the 21st Century. These performances are cornerstones of Stokowski’s heyday with the orchestra he made his own instrument….Dubensky’s narrative on Poe’s The Raven remains a curio of its time, emphasized by the gothic histrionics of Benjamin de Loache, also the speaker in GURRELIEDER….The GURRELIEDER presented here with the conductor’s surprisingly arid spoken introduction is the last of three performances given in April, 1932, all recorded by Victor at Stokowski’s instigation. Lovingly remastered for the first time on CD by Ward Marston.”

- Ian Julier, CLASSIC RECORD COLLECTOR, Summer, 2003