Rudolf Kempe - Richard Strauss Complete Orchestral  Works  (9-Warner 4 31780)
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Rudolf Kempe - Richard Strauss Complete Orchestral  Works  (9-Warner 4 31780)
C0142. RUDOLF KEMPE Cond. Staatskapelle Dresden: Complete Orchestral Works (Richard Strauss). (U.U.) 9-Warner 4 31780, Handsome Boxed Set. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 5099943178025


“A classic set, now remastered from the original East German Master Tapes, to offer new depth and brilliance of sound, complete with a recording new to CD: The Gorgeous 'Moonlight' Interlude from 'Capriccio'.

Let's get it straight from the start -- this set of the orchestral works of Richard Strauss recorded in the early '70s for German EMI with Rudolf Kempe leading the Staatskapelle Dresden is, far and away, the best set of the orchestral works of Strauss ever recorded. It has fabulous sound: rich, deep, glowing German EMI sound ideal for Strauss' lushly opulent scores. It has fabulous playing: the Staatskapelle Dresden had the best instruments in East Germany and with them it made lavishly sensual and technically impeccable music out of Strauss' highly virtuosic scores. It has terrific conducting: Rudolf Kempe, a warmhearted professional, always emphasized the dramatic over the rhetorical and the lyrical over the epic in his interpretations, and these qualities suited Strauss' deeply human scores. It has almost everything he composed for orchestra -- Kempe and the Staatskapelle recorded almost every one of Strauss' sometimes over-expansively executed scores from the best-known works -- Also Sprach Zarathustra, Ein Heldenleben, Don Juan -- to the least-known works -- MacBeth, Schlagobers, and Panathenäenzug -- without, thankfully, including the entire interminable Josephslegends ballet or any of the endless Die Frau ohne Schatten Symphonic Fantasy. It has consistently first-class performances -- there have been other great Strauss recordings over the years from Krauss, Böhm, Reiner, Karajan, and Strauss himself, but, performance for performance, Kempe and the Staatskapelle are just as exciting, often more insightful, and perhaps more sympathetic than any of them, and no other conductor and orchestra recorded as many of Strauss' lushly, deeply, expansively beautiful scores.”

- Z. D. Akron