Charles Munch - Beethoven, Schumann & Brahms  (2-Living Stage 1032)
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Charles Munch - Beethoven, Schumann & Brahms  (2-Living Stage 1032)
C0159. CHARLES MUNCH Cond. Orchestre National de France: Die Weihe des Hauses Overture; Symphony #4 in B-flat; Symphony #7 in A (all Beethoven); Symphony #4 in d (Schumann); Symphony #2 in D (Brahms). (Germany) 2-Living Stage 1032. Very Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 3830257410324


"It's difficult to articulate what makes Munch's conducting special - or indeed if there even is anything identifiably unique about it. A lesser talent would simply turn out generic, cookie-cutter performances; but Munch was anything but generic. He was one of the most musical of conductors; in so many of his performances, everything simply sounds 'right'. Certainly, his experience as an orchestral musician gave him a lot of practical insight into the mechanics of directing orchestra traffic. But a classic Munch interpretation never sounds calculated. Spontaneity was one of his hallmarks, sometimes to the surprise and discomfort of the musicians playing under him. From one night to the next, a Munch performance of the same piece might be very different, depending on his mood of the moment - yet it would always sound like Munch."

- Lawrence Hansen, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov. / Dec., 2012