Neeme Jarvi  -  Eduard Tubin    (5-BIS 1402/04)
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Neeme Jarvi  -  Eduard Tubin    (5-BIS 1402/04)
OP0170. NEEME JÄRVI Cond. Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra: The Symphonies (Eduard Tubin). (Sweden) 5-BIS 1402/04, recorded 1981-87. Final ever-so-slightly used copy, Booklet AUTOGRAPHED by Neeme Järvi. - 7318591402046


"Those who have been following BIS since the relatively early days will remember that Tubin's symphonies caused quite a stir when they first appeared on the BIS label in the then new CD format. Neeme Järvi, who was just establishing himself a worldwide reputation on account of his Sibelius recordings for BIS, was a tireless champion of his fellow-countryman's music. And he persuaded Robert von Bahr to take the enormous risk of issuing the ten symphonies on record. The critics were quick to see the value of this music and one of the discs went on to win a Gramophone award. A wide public became acquainted with a composer of real worth and Estonia – then under Soviet occupation – was placed more firmly on the cultural map of Europe. Eduard Tubin (1905-1982) came to maturity just as Estonia managed to free itself from the shackles of Russian domination in 1918. This freedom was relatively short-lived and in 1944 Tubin fled to Sweden where he spent the rest of his life, though without ever really gaining the recognition in musical Sweden that he deserved. His symphonic legacy on BIS has helped to build him a more lasting reputation. In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the composer's death, which coincides with Neeme Järvi's celebration of 20 years of collaboration with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, BIS is pleased to be able to re-release the symphonies in a convenient box. This should enable many of the new generation – who may well have been led to believe that Arvo Pärt is the only major composer that Estonia has produced to date - to catch up on another really significant Estonian composer; one whom BIS has helped to rescue from oblivion."