Felix Weingartner - Berlioz  (Dante LYS 080)
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Felix Weingartner - Berlioz  (Dante LYS 080)
C0215. FELIX WEINGARTNER Cond. London S.O.: Symphonie fantastique; FELIX WEINGARTNER Cond. Paris Conservatoire Orch.: Les Troyens - Marche troyenne (both Berlioz). (France) Dante LYS 080, recorded 1925/'39, resp. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy!


“Weingartner was among the first great conductors to insist on a meticulous interpretation of the composer's score and steady, moderate tempi. While in Hamburg, he clashed with Hans von Bülow, whom he criticized for romantic exaggeration and wayward performances. In 1895, Weingartner wrote a book, ON CONDUCTING, in which he accused von Bülow of ‘wanting to divert the attention of the audience from the music to himself’.

His baton technique was refined and simple. The English critic Neville Cardus wrote this of his podium style: ‘Weingartner does not use the familiar gestures of the modern 'dictator' conductors; he retains the old fashioned belief that an instrumentalist understands how to play his notes correctly, and does not need illumination in the form of arts that scarcely belong to a conductor - the arts of Terpsichore and declamation. His gestures are quiet; he is always dignified.... He belongs to the cultured epoch of music, the epoch of good manners, good taste and scholarship’.”

- Roy Brewer, allmusic.com