Paul Hindemith;  Hindemith Trio;  Amar Quartet  (Koch-Schwann 3-1134)
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Paul Hindemith;  Hindemith Trio;  Amar Quartet  (Koch-Schwann 3-1134)
C0245. PAUL HINDEMITH Cond. Berlin Phil.: Mathis der Maler - recorded 9 April, 1934; HINDEMITH TRIO (Goldberg, Feuermann & Hindemith): String Trio, Op.2 - recorded 21 Jan., 1934; AMAR QUARTET: String Quartet, Op.22 - recorded 1927 (all Cond. and/or Played by the COMPOSER). (Austria) Koch-Schwann 3-1134. Transfers by Mark Obert-Thorn. Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 099923113423


“By 1930, Hindemith had consolidated his researches and began to produce a series of masterpieces including Concert Music for Strings and Brass (1930), the opera MATHIS DER MALER (1934-1935) and Symphony ‘Mathis der Maler’ (1934) which shares themes with the Opera. He also began a remarkable series of sonatas for every major instrument, all idiomatic and almost all becoming a part of standard repertory. The Nazis forced Hindemith out of Germany. He went to Switzerland, England, and finally settled in the United States, where he joined the Yale University faculty.”

- Steve Schwartz, Classical.Net

“The Amar Quartet was of towering importance in concert life of the 1920s thanks to its indefatigable commitment to contemporary music. The fact that the works of Paul Hindemith stood at the centre of these efforts is not surprising, in view of the personal union of composer and interpreter. The Amar Quartet was also committed to performing the works of other composers including considerable premieres.”

- Wikipedia