Hewitt, Joachim, Maurane, etc.   (2-Cascavelle VEL 3092)
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Hewitt, Joachim, Maurane, etc.   (2-Cascavelle VEL 3092)
C0484. MAURICE HEWITT Cond.: Six Concerts en Sextuor; w.Irène Joachim, Camille Maurane & Raymond Malvasio: Les Indes Galantes (both Rameau). (Switzerland) 2-Cascavelle VEL 3092, recorded 1952/’42, resp. - 409350309229


"These are landmark performances of revolutionary significance. Prior to their release, collectors knowledge of Rameau was defined by small harpsichord pieces, a few dances and Alma Gluck's ancient recordiing of 'Rossignols Amoureux'. But these albums revealed Rameau as a mighty creator of inventive, colorful, vital and exciting music of far greater stature and power than what was known from earlier recordings. With his superb rhythmic sense, Maurice Hewitt brought a drive, energy, and sheer passion to the performances that was a very far from the delicate genteelism that was generally associated with Rameau in those days. Thus taking a first giant step in awakening collectors to the glory of the French Baroque."

- Zillah D. Akron