Leo Ginsburg (Vista Vera 00154)
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Leo Ginsburg (Vista Vera 00154)
C0678. LEO GINSBURG Cond. State S.O.:  Brandenburg Concerto #1 in F;  Toccata in C;  Passacaglia in c;  w.Boris Goldstein:  Violin Concerto #2 in E (all Bach).  (Russia) Vista Vera 00154, recorded 1951-59. - 4603141001545


“Leo Ginsburg studied with Hermann Scherchen in Berlin, then was assistant of Otto Klemperer in Theater Kroll in Berlin. He also observed Furtwängler’s work in Berlin for a number of years. All the major conductors in Moscow have been the students of Leo Ginsburg.”

- Leonid Grin, Music in Cincinnati, 2008