Johann Strauss Collection of Mayumi Cho       (8-Opus Kura 1006/13)
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Johann Strauss Collection of Mayumi Cho       (8-Opus Kura 1006/13)
C1010. JOHANN STRAUSS COLLECTION, early recordings, 1901 – 1951. (Japan) 8-Opus Kura 1006/13, recorded 1901-51. Out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 4582158684067


“This is an enormous treasure mine, with excellent transfers executed by Cho himself: they faithfully convey the warm, resonant sound preserved on the original shellac discs. This boxed set will never fail to please you. A comprehensive collection of recordings of the music of Johann Strauss, almost all of them come from a Japanese collector, Mayumi Cho, who began collecting all recordings of Johann Strauss' music just after the war. His collection exceeds 700 discs with no fewer than 100 versions of 'An der schönen blauen Donau'.”

- Shuichiro Kawai, CLASSICAL RECORDINGS QUARTERLY, Summer, 2011

"Whether you are an archivist, an audio engineer, or student, this production has a lot to offer in understanding the development of musical recordings. Strauss, particularly ‘Blue Danube’, was highly recorded by the various Gramophone companies because of its popularity and was in the public domain. Subsequently the recordists were familiar enough with its dynamics to explore the recording technology in order to create better takes over decades. In a sense it became a standard measure on the road to high fidelity recording, 78 records being the essential link between cylinders and audio quality that we know today. We have many of the evergreen waltzes, polkas, and operetta excerpts presented both in their original form and in a great variety of arrangements and adaptations, documenting a cornucopia of idiomatic performance styles and interpretive/re-creative traditions over the first half of the 20th century - much of it directly from younger contemporaries of the composer (d.1899). Although some of the orchestral (and a few of the vocal) items are famous recordings that have appeared in historic collections on other labels, most of the material is new to CD. Many of the recordings are obscure, so putting such a collection together is not only a tribute to the history of recorded music, it also must have been a labor of love by the producers of this set and the recordists who preceded them."

- Matthew Dougherty