Lilian Bryant, Vol. II  (as Conductor)  (Jan Rudenyi,  Berl-Resky, McCormack, Coates, Hyde)     (Truesound Transfers 3112)
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Lilian Bryant, Vol. II  (as Conductor)  (Jan Rudenyi,  Berl-Resky, McCormack, Coates, Hyde)     (Truesound Transfers 3112)
C1050. LILIAN BRYANT, Vol. II (as Conductor): Handel, Donizetti von Weber, Verdi, Wagner, Massenet, Oscar Straus, Löhr, Toselli, Bruch, Mendelssohn, Ancliffe, Macklin, Hirsch, Briccialdi, Charlotte A. Barnard (as ‘Claribel’), Shield, Lilian Bryant & Sir Arthur Sullivan. Several titles feature Bryant accompanying Jan Rudenyi, Eli Hudson, Giuseppe Bartolotta, Carrie Tubb, Gustavo Berl-Resky, Jean Noté, Louis Lynel, Harry Dearth, Mabel Manson, Walter Hyde, Leonora Sparkes, Carolina Hatchard, John McCormack, John Coates, George Baker, etc. (One title under her pseudonom ‘Lola Moretti') (Germany) Truesound Transfers 3112, recorded 1906-21. Transfers by Christian Zwarg.


“Lilian Bryant was a pianist and conductor, and was the musical director of the Pathéphone company, ltd. in London. There are numerous orchestral recordings on which she is the conductor, including several popular overtures. She is likely to be the conductor or piano accompanist on numerous British Pathé vocal recordings, often uncredited. She also recorded piano solos for Columbia (and Regal), several of which were issued in Holland, where she was known as the accompanist of violinists Alfred Indig and Boris Lensky (and is credited as such on the record labels). She also crops up on the unusual Chantal de Luxe label (manufactured by Crystalate), conducting for the baritone Louis Lynel. The piano solos are mainly of popular songs of the day, very much in lighter mood, though she did record some popular classical pieces as well. These include Wagner’s bridal chorus, and Mendelssohn’s wedding march. From 1911 to 1923 she was married to the baritone George Baker, and sometimes accompanied on his records as Mrs George Baker.”

- Damian Rogan, 78rpm Collectors Community

“[Truesound] transfers have been an absolute revelation to me….Amazingly, Christian Zwarg has managed to unlock the sound of these recordings in such a way as to present [voices] such as I have never heard before. Here the sound has a sheen and glow which is quite beautiful. It is as if an old masterpiece painting has been cleaned and restored, allowing rays of brilliant light to emerge….”

- Davyd Booth, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2012