Leonid Pyatigorsky    (Ilya Sats)      (Aquarius AQVR 377)
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Leonid Pyatigorsky    (Ilya Sats)      (Aquarius AQVR 377)
C1265. LEONID PYATIGORSKY Cond. All-Union Radio Orch.: Russian Symphonic Music, incl. Ippolitov-Ivanov & Sats. (Russia) Aquarius AQVR 377, recorded 1949 & 1962. - 4607123631423


“Ilya Sats was a composer, who grew up in a Jewish family and was a friend and protege of Leo Tolstoy, but later was in political exile..The family moved to Moscow in 1904, when Sats became music director of the Moscow Art Theatre (MAT). After the October Revolution in 1917, Commissar of Education Anatoly Lunacharsky proposed to start a theater for the children and the MAT director Konstantin Stanislavsky recommended the 15 year old Natalya Sats, Ilya’s daughter. After many stage successes, she received both Russian and international recognition. In 1931 conductor Otto Klemperer invited her to stage Mozart's NOZZE in Buenos Aires, and Verdi's FALSTAFF in Berlin. Using her friendship with Sergei Prokofiev, she commissioned him to write PETER AND THE WOLF, which she premiered 2 May, 1936. This play has received a wide international success, was recorded over 400 times, and translated to a number of languages.”

- Loyal Bluto


1. Turkic march. Op. 55

Turkic fragments. Suite No. 3. Op. 62

2 (1). The Caravan

3 (2). At Rest

4 (3). At night

5 (4). At the festival

On the steppes of Turkmenistan. Suite No. 4. Op. 65

6 (1). On falconry

7 (2). Love song

8 (3). Maiden's dreams

9 (4). March

Musical Pictures of Uzbekistan. Suite No 5. Op. 69

10 (1). Night in Bukhara

11 (2). Dances

12 (3). In the garden

13 (4). Counter-March


Suite from the music to M.Maeterlink's 'Blue Bird'

14 (1). Dream and Fir-tree

15 (2). a) Light; b) Fairy; c) Clock; d) Dance of the Clocks

16 (3). March

17 (4). In the land of memories: a) Grandfather and Grandmother; b) Farewell

18 (5). Time

19 (6). Mother's song

20 (7). Light and March