Aaron Copland, Vol. II        (2-St Laurent Studio YSL T-407)
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Aaron Copland, Vol. II        (2-St Laurent Studio YSL T-407)
C1490. AARON COPLAND Cond. Cleveland Orchestra: Bach, Schubert, Roussel, Ravel & Copland; Interview with Aaron Copland & Morton Gould. (Canada) 2-St Laurent Studio YSL T-407, Live Performance, 1 Aug., 1970, Blossom Music Festival. Transfers by Yves St Laurent.


"Copland...has never turned out bad work nor worked without an inspiration. His stance is that not only of a professional but also of an artist - responsible, prepared, giving of his best. And if that best is also the best we have, there is every reason to be thankful for its straightforward employment of high gifts. Also, of course, for what is the result of exactly that, 'this simple and great man in our midst'."

- Virgil Thomson, AMERICAN MUSIC SINCE 1910