Camille Chevillard   (Malibran AMR 179)
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Camille Chevillard   (Malibran AMR 179)
C1677. CAMILLE CHEVILLARD Cond. Orchestre Lamoureux: Chevillard's complete recordings, incl. Debussy, Dukas, Chabrier, Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Saint-Saëns, Massenet, Lalo & Wagner. (France) Malibran AMR 179, accompanied by a noteworthy 8pp booklet. [AMR titles are issued without rear tray-cards]


“Paul Alexandre Camille Chevillard was one of the most prominent of French orchestral conductors as well as an earnest composer. His father was the distinguished French violoncellist, Pierre Alexandre Chevillard, Camille was at first a pianoforte pupil of the Conservatoire (2nd prize), and afterwards followed his own instincts as a composer, without definite teaching.

In 1895 Camille Chevillard founded a trio called Trio Chevillard-Hayot-Salmon. In 1887 he assisted Charles Lamoureux in the first presentation of LOHENGRIN in Paris, and was the substitute in 1897-1899, and on many other occasions. On the death of Lamoureux, Chevillard directed the concerts given under his name. Chevillard soon earned a high reputation as a conductor of the classics, especially Beethoven, Schumann, Wagner and Liszt. He led the Lamoureux Orchestra in the premieres of Debussy's NOCTURNES (1900 & 1901) and LA MER (1905). Rolland (MUSICIENS D'AUJOURD'HUI) gives him the credit of having first drawn the attention of the Paris public to Russian music. His manner of conducting was strong, precise and careful, with more communicative warmth of that of his predecessor.”

- Bach Cantatas Website