William Steinberg, Vol. X - BSO - Stuttgart  -  Bruckner 7th  (2-St Laurent Studio YSL T-938)
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William Steinberg, Vol. X - BSO - Stuttgart  -  Bruckner 7th  (2-St Laurent Studio YSL T-938)
C1771. WILLIAM STEINBERG Cond. Boston Symphony Orchestra: Symphony #3 in E-flat - Marcia funebre (Beethoven) (in memory of Igor Stravinsky [who had died the previous day]); Konzertmusik für Streichorchester und Blechbläser, Op.50 (Hindemith); Symphony #7 in E (Bruckner). (Canada) 2-St Laurent Studio YSL T-938, Live Performance, 7 April, 1971, Liederhalle, Stuttgart. Transfers by Yves St Laurent.


"In 1960 Steinberg scored a great success guest-conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra and was the preferred choice of its board for their next music director, as Charles Munch was stepping down from the position. However RCA, the orchestra's record company, successfully pressured them to appoint Erich Leinsdorf, already on their roster of conductors. After Leinsdorf's tenure, one of mixed success ended, they did appoint Steinberg to the post, effective 1969."

- Joseph Stevenson, allmusic.com

"William Steinberg is one of those conductors highly respected by musicians and critics familiar with his work, but who never developed the kind of public acclaim accorded to some of his contemporaries. His relative neglect is partly due to Steinberg’s long association with the Pittsburgh Symphony, an orchestra whose reputation, while good, was not seen as front rank. Many collectors prized his recordings with Pittsburgh on the Command label (and his EMI discs too), but in those days there was more glamour associated with Charles Munch in Boston, George Szell in Cleveland, and Fritz Reiner in Chicago."

- Henry Fogel, FANFARE