Ferenc Fricsay;  Margrit Weber   (SWR 19070)
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Ferenc Fricsay;  Margrit Weber   (SWR 19070)
C1860. FERENC FRICSAY Cond. Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart: Rossini (the latter's 'Il Viaggio a Reims' - Overture), Kodaly, Honegger, Ravel, Strauss & Zimmermann (the latter's 'Alagoana'-'Caprichos Brasileiros'); w.MARGRIT WEBER (Pr.): Burlesque (Strauss) & Concertino (Honegger). (Germany) SWR 19070, Live Performance, 10 Oct., 1955, Villa Berg, Stuttgart. [Brilliant recordings incl. the rarely performed ‘Caboclo’ by B.A. Zimmermann] Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 747313907083


“This release contains a live recording, with Fricsay conducting his core repertoire. The rarely performed ‘Caboclo’ by B.A. Zimmermann is heard here for the first time on a recording under his baton. This is a release of greatest relevance, documenting the work of Ferenc Fricsay, who died young after long illness. Ferenc Fricsay was born in Budapest in 1914 and died in Basel in 1963. After standing in twice at the Salzburger Festspiele at the end of the 1940s for colleagues who had been taken ill, Fricsay was first engaged in Berlin and later in Munich and was a busy concert, opera, radio and record conductor. He had an extraordinary feel for the specific requirements of sound-carrier productions. Whenever he was involved in such projects he exercised meticulous care and showed immense technical know-how. The Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra as well as the Berliner Philharmoniker valued him highly as a guest conductor.”


"Ferenc Fricsay not only has a taste for the works of a variety of classical composers, especially Beethoven and Mozart, but he also is the man who establishes a modern repertory with compositions of Béla Bartók, Alban Berg, Boris Blacher, Paul Hindemith, Zoltán Kodály, Arnold Schönberg, Igor Stravinsky, Gottfried von Einem, Werner Egk, Frank Martin and Alexander Tcherepnin.

Thus the RIAS Symphony Orchestra also became the exemplary institution to perform what was then regarded as 'contemporary music'. No wonder that works of most of these composers can be found on early recordings of the Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft label. Already in those days several recordings are taped in the Jesus Christus Kirche, not just because of its acoustics but also because that is most probably the only alternative to the Titania Palast which is also in use by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra."

- The Remington Site

“In 1955 Margrit Weber began a European career which extended to the United States in from 1956. Contemporary music occupied a large place in her programs. Bohuslav Martinu's ‘Fantasia Concertante’ Piano Concerto #5, Igor Stravinsky 's Movements for Piano and Orchestra and Alexander Tcherepnin’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra #6 were dedicated to her. She created works for piano by Swiss composers but also by Wolfgang Fortner and Harald Genzmer. She has performed under the direction of conductors such as Ferenc Fricsay , Rafael Kubelík , Charles Munch in Boston, Hans Münch in Basel, George Szell, Josef Krips, and Paul Sacher. In 1971, she was appointed professor at the Hochschule in Zürich .”

- Wikipedia