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Regarding AUCTION #150 (Closing Date: Friday, 17 May, 2019), The Minimum Bid ("MB") is a guide which has been set in accordance with current market value, determined through constant monitoring of auction sales during recent years. In cases of extreme rarity, the actual realized price may far exceed the Minimum Bid, while in other cases an item may realize a price very close to the Minimum Bid, and, occasionally, the Minimum Bid itself. Please simply bid in accordance with whatever a given item means to you. If a bidder wins more than originally anticipated, we are most pleased to make any mutually comfortable arrangement for payment terms. Please inquire.

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Section VI - Chamber 78rpm records Nos. M0462 – M0473

M0462. SHOSTAKOVICH TRIO (Shostakovich, Tziganov & Shirinsky): In memory of I. I. Sollertinsky Trio #2 in e, 9s / Sd.10 = SHOSTAKOVICH (Piano Solo): Prelude #8 in f# (both Played by the Composer). 5-10” pale-blue USSR 13160/68; 11992, POM-1945, in Orig. Compass Album C-102 (for USA distribution), w.Notes. M-A MB 65, the Set.

M0463. MUSICAL ARTS QUARTET: Alla Spagnola / Interludium in Modo Antico (both Glazounov). 12” black Viva-Tonal Col. 5085-M, only form of issue, 15 March, 1928. M-A, choice copy has, Sd.2 only, 3 or 4 minuscule pap. scrs, inaud. MB 15

M0464. MUSICAL ARTS QUARTET: Quartet in C, Op.54, #2), 5s. / Sd.6 = Quartet in D, Op.64, #5 – Vivace (both Haydn). 3-12” blue Viva-Tonal Col. 67320/22-D, only form of issue, 1927/’28, resp., in Orig.Album 69, w.Brochure. M-A MB 25, the Set.

M0465. MUSICAL ARTS QUARTET: Quartet in E-flat, 5s. / Sd.6 = Hark, hark, the lark (both Schubert). 3-12” blue Viva-Tonal Col. 67454/56-D, only form of issue, 1928. M-A MB 25, the Set.

“The Musical Arts Quartet (Sascha Jacobsen and Paul Bernard, violins; Louis Kaufman, viola, and Maria Roemaet-Rosanoff, cello), was founded in 1926 by four students at the Institute of Musical Art in New York (now known as the Juilliard School), and still in existence in 1941.”
- The Shellackophile, 15 Nov., 2011

M0466. SANTOLIQUIDO TRIO (Ornella Puliti Santoliquido, Arrigo Pelliccia & Massimo Amfitheatrof): Piano Trio #2 in C, Op.97 (Brahms), 8s. 4-12” black German Polydor 67670/73, POM-1941. A to M-A, lovely copy has faintest rubs, inaud. MB 45, the Set.

M0467. ROSÉ QUARTET (Rosé, Fischer, Ruzitska & Walter): Quartet in c, Op.18, #4 (Beethoven), 5s / Sd.6 = Suite #3 in D – Adagio (Bach). 3-12” black PW Czech Gramola ES 388/390, POM-1928. M-A, a glorious copy of this preferred Czech pressing! MB 85, the Set.

M0468. BOHEMIAN QUARTET (Hoffmann, Suk, Herold & Zelenka): From My Life Quartet #1 in e (Smetana), 8s. 4-12” gold Bruns. 90425/28, POM-1928. M-A, choice copy of preferred mid-1930s Columbia pressing. MB 95, the Set.

M0469. BOHEMIAN QUARTET (Hoffmann, Suk, Herold & Zelenka): Quartet #1 in B-flat (Suk), 7s / Sd. 8 = Waltzes, Op.54 – Waltz #1 in A (Dvorák). 4-12” blue PW German Polydor 95080/83, POM-1928. A-, lovely copy has faint rubs, inaud.; Sds 4 & 6 only have 1 ‘stressed’ groove, also inaud. MB 65, the Set.

M0470. THE HINDEMITH TRIO (Goldberg, Hindemith & Feuermann): Trio for Strings #2 (1933) (Played by the Composer), 6s. 3-12” early Col. 68274/76-D, on Royal Blue shellac, POM-21 Jan., 1934, in Orig. Album 209, w.Brochure. M-A, gleaming copy of this Royal Blue shellac pressing appears unplayed! MB 95, the Set.

M0471. AMAR QUARTET (Paul Hindemith, Licco Amar, Walter Caspar & Rudolf Hindemith): String Quartet #16 in E flat, K.428 (421b) (Mozart), 6s. 3-12” black PW German Polydor 66568/70, POM-1927. A to M-A, lovely copy has faintest rubs, inaud. MB 95, the Set.

M0472. AMAR QUARTET (Paul Hindemith, Licco Amar, Walter Caspar & Rudolf Hindemith): Quartet #4 in C, (Played by the Composer, Hindemith), 6s. 3-12” black PW German Polydor 66422/24, POM-1926. A to M-A; Sds.2 & 3 only have faint rubs, inaud. MB 95, the Set.

“The Amar Quartet was of towering importance in concert life of the 1920s thanks to its indefatigable commitment to contemporary music. The fact that the works of Paul Hindemith stood at the centre of these efforts is not surprising, in view of the personal union of composer and interpreter. The Amar Quartet was also committed to performing the works of other composers including considerable premieres.”
- Wikipedia

M0473. DEMAN STRING QUARTET (Rudolf Deman, Emil Kornsand, Karl Reiz & Carl Dechert): Quartet in E-flat (Dittersdorf), 6s. 3-10” dark-blue Grammophon 90048/50, POM-1928. [Rudolf Deman was Concertmaster of Berlin Opera Orchestra.] M-A MB 20