Abduction of Figaro (P.D.Q. Bach - Peter Schickele) (VAI 4251)
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Abduction of Figaro (P.D.Q. Bach - Peter Schickele) (VAI 4251)
DVD0060. THE ABDUCTION OF FIGARO (P.D.Q. Bach), Live Performance, 1984, w.Peter Schickele Cond. Minnesota Opera; Dana Krueger, Bruce Edwin Ford, LeRoy Lehr, Marilyn Brustadt, Lisbeth Lloyd, John Ferrante, etc.; also includes 1972 Television Interview with Prof. Schickele. VAI Stereo 4251. - 89948425199


"Schickele conducts a first-class live performance by members of the Minnesota Opera, with the singers enjoying themselves hugely. After the clever patchwork of the Overture (which is not without its Hoffnung reminders), the three-act opera opens with a scene purloined from GIANNI SCHICCHI, and the rest is outrageous pastiche, drawing primarily on Mozart’s five key operas with a dash of the PIRATES OF PENZANCE….It is all nonsense, but very enjoyable nonsense, especially second time round, after one has swallowed the verbal extravagances and entered into the spirit of Peter Schickele’s good-natured parody."

- Ivan March, GRAMOPHONE, July, 2004

“The master of musical parody, Professor Peter Schickele, brings us a complete opera by P.D.Q. Bach, a man who has been called a 'pimple on the face of music', 'the worst musician ever to have trod organ pedals', and 'the most dangerous musician since Nero'.”

- Ned Ludd