Florence Foster Jenkins;  Cosme McMoon          (VAI 4431)
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Florence Foster Jenkins;  Cosme McMoon          (VAI 4431)
DVD0310. FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS – A World of Her Own, incl. interviews with Kathleen Bayfield, Florence Darnault, Adolf Pollitz & Cosme McMoon. VAI 4431. - 89948443193


“It’s ironic that one of the best-known singers in recording history should also be one of the worst….Who does not revere her name as the prima donna assoluta of awfulness the queen of the promissory note?…Donald Collup has put together the whole mysterious story unearthed photographs and reviews (some not seen for more than 60 years) tracked down audio interviews of those who knew La Jenkins (including her faithful accompanist Cosme McMoon) and who saw and heard her perform researched her family background and created a documentary that finally tells the unvarnished truth about the phenomenon that was Florence Foster Jenkins….with any luck this DVD will sell like the Melotone shellacs on which are enshrined this enduring paragon of triumphant disaster.”

- Jeremy Nicholas, GRAMOPHONE, April, 2008