Arbos, Enrique Fernandez - signed double-sided Carte de Visite
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Arbos, Enrique Fernandez - signed double-sided Carte de Visite
E00738. Arbós, Enrique Fernández - signed double-sided 2.5x3.75 Carte de Visite

“Enrique Fernández Arbós is known to the Western world primarily as the orchestrator of his friend Isaac Albéniz's piano suite IBÉRIA; however, within Spain he was a musical colossus, as a conductor, composer, and orchestra builder whose industry was only brought to a halt by the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. That Arbós recorded is an even lesser known fact about him than that he composed [and recorded] with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, a body he had led since 1905 and continued to direct until the war shut it down. There was a distinct break in the cultural life in Spain from 1936 to 1945 and at this time very little Spanish literature was established in the international repertoire. That Arbós recorded primarily pieces that have since joined the mainstream - de Falla's THE THREE CORNERED HAT, Turina's DANZAS FANTASTICAS in excerpt form, and of course, his own arrangements of IBÉRIA - makes clear how spot-on Arbós was in determining what was going to stick, and one wonders how much he might have had to do with influencing such determination. His orchestral string sound is surprisingly modern. One aspect of his preferences that may not have survived him was Arbós' approach to rhythm; it is steady, straightforward, dance-like, and light on its feet, whereas in modern performances of these pieces a bit more liberty is generally taken in terms of rubato, with the shape of a given melody influencing the pace at certain points.“

- Uncle Dave Lewis,