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G1749. 14 March, 1912 Mona (Horatio Parker) – World Première - Hertz; Homer, Fornia, Witherspoon, Reiss, Martin, etc.;

G1750. 6 Dec., 1912 Die Meistersinger – Hertz; Destinn, Homer, Jörn, Weil, Goritz, Reiss, etc.

G1751. 24 March, 1913 Cyrano (Walter Damrosch) – Hertz; Amato, Alda, Martin, Reiss, etc.

G1752. 22 March, 1915 Die Meistersinger - Toscanini; Hempel, Sembach, Weil, Goritz, Reiss, etc.

G1753. 17 Jan., 1916 Hänsel und Gretel – Hageman; Mason, Mattfeld, Reiss, Goritz, etc.

G1754. 23 Feb., 1917 Die Walküre – Bodanzky; Sembach, Kurt, Gadski, Matzenauer, Ruysdael, Whitehill, etc.

G1755. 19 March, 1917 Die Meistersinger – Bodanzky; Gadski, Urlus, Whitehill, Goritz, Braun, etc.

G1756. 14 April, 1917 (M) The Canterbury Pilgrims (de Koven) – Bodanzky; Sembach, Ober, Mason, Leonhardt, Althouse, Bloch, Laurenti, etc.

G1757. 19 April, 1918 L’Elisir d'Amore – Papi; Barrientos, Caruso, de Luca, Didur, etc.

G1758. 19 Jan., 1919 Sunday Night Concert – Hageman; Zimbalist, Sundelius, Althouse & Mardones.

G1759. 21 Nov., 1919 Faust – Wolff (début); Martinelli, Farrar, Rothier, Couzinou, etc. Excellent, albeit waterstained cover.

G1760. 22 Nov., 1919 (M) La Juive – Bodanzky; Ponselle, Caruso, Rothier, Scotney (début), Harrold (début), Chalmers, etc. Excellent, albeit sl. waterstained cover.

G1761. 16 Feb., 1920 Barbiere – Papi; Barrientos, Hackett, de Luca, Mardones, Malatesta, etc.

G1762. 13 March, 1921 Sunday Night Concert – Cavalleria – Setti; Peralta, Telva, Gigli, Chalmers, etc.; Pagliacci – Setti; Sundelius, Zerola, Amato, Laurenti, etc.

G1763. 3 April, 1921 Sunday Night Concert – Hageman, Kreisler, Howard, Harrold & Amato. Excellent, few tears.

G1764. 16 April, 1922 Sunday Night Concert – Setti; Claussen, Delaunois, Chamlee, Sembach, Kingston, Chalmers, Picco, Rothier, etc.: Rigoletto – Act II; Samson et Dalila – Act I; Carmen – Act I.

G1765. 23 Nov., 1922 Die Walküre – Bodanzky; Jeritza, Matzenauer, Taucher (début), Whitehill, Bender, Gordon, etc.

G1766. 1 Jan., 1923 Thaïs – Hassemans; Jeritza, Whitehill, Harrold, etc.

G1767. 15 Jan., 1923 Guillaume Tell – Papi; Ponselle, Martinelli, Danise, Mardones, Didur, Sundelius, Bloch, etc.

G1768. 26 March, 1923 Lohengrin – Bodanzky; Taucher, Kemp, Claussen, Whitehill, Bohnen, etc.

G1769. 19 Nov., 1923 Die Meistersinger – Bodanzky; Rethberg, Laubenthal, Whitehill, Schützendorf, Bloch, etc.

G1770. 29 Nov., 1923 (M) Parsifal – Bodanzky; Laubenthal, Whitehill, Gustafson, Bender, Schützendorf, Matzenauer, Roessler, etc.

G1771. 23 Jan., 1924 Fedora – Papi; Jeritza, Martinelli, Scotti, Picco, Queena Mario, etc. G1772. 6 Feb., 1924 Die Walküre – Bodanzky; Matzenauer, Branzell (début), Delia Reinhardt, Taucher, Bohnen, Gustafson, Telva, etc.

G1773. 10 March, 1924 Le Roi de Lahore – Hasselmans; Delia Reinhardt, Lauri-Volpi, de Luca, Rothier, Mardones, etc.

G1774. 20 Nov., 1924 Der Rosenkavalier – Bodanzky; Easton, Jeritza, Mario, Bender, Schützendorf, Roessler, etc.

G1775. 27 Nov., 1924 (M) Parsifal – Bodanzky; Laubenthal, Whitehill, Ananian, Bender, Schützendorf, Matzenauer, Roessler, Telva, etc.

G1776. 6 Dec., 1924 (M) Jenufa (American Première) – Bodanzky; Jeritza, Matzenauer, Öhman, Laubenthal, Schützendorf, etc. Clean copy is somewhat torn & shopworn.

G1777. 15 Jan., 1925 Tristan – Bodanzky; Taucher, Easton, Telva, Bender, Schorr, Gábor, Bloch, etc.

G1778. 3 April, 1925 Der Freischütz – Bodanzky; Müller, Kandt, Laubenthal, Schützendorf, Bohnen, Rothier, Gábor, etc. Excellent copy has very sl. frayed spine.

G1779. 14 Nov., 1925 Lohengrin – Bodanzky; Taucher, Roeseler, Claussen, Whitehill, Bender & Schützendorf. Excellent copy has very sl. frayed spine.

G1780. 17 Feb., 1926 Rigoletto – Serafin; de Luca, Lauri-Volpi, Talley (début), Mardones, etc.

G1781. 23 Jan., 1927 Sunday Night Concert – Bamboschek; Galli-Curci, Fleischer, Mario, Sabanieeva, Telva, Chamlee, Tokatyan, de Luca, Tibbett, Didur, Cehanovsky, etc.

G1782. 22 Feb., 1928 (M) Mignon – Hasselmans; Bori, Talley, Gigli, Whitehill, etc.

G1783. 9 April, 1928 Mignon – Hasselmans; Bori, Talley, Gigli, Rothier, etc.

G1784. 8 April, 1929 Aïda – Serafin; Müller; Branzell, Lauri-Volpi, Pinza, Basiola, etc.

G1785. 6 Dec., 1929 Hänsel und Gretel – Bodanzky; Fleischer, Queena Mario, Manski, Schützendorf, etc.; Pagliacci – Bellezza; Lauri-Volpi, Tibbett, Biondo, Cehanovsky, etc.

G1786. 31 Jan., 1930 Norma – Serafin; Ponselle, Telva, Jagel, Pasero, etc.

G1787. 16 March, 1930 Sunday Night Concert – Pelletier; Bori, Swarthout, Tokatyan, Basiola, Rothier, etc.

G1788. 14 April, 1930 Aïda – Bellezza; Corona, Claussen, Martinelli, Pinza, de Luca, etc.

G1789. 29 Dec., 1930 Le Preziose Ridicole (Lattuada) – Bellezza, Bori, Swarthout, Tokatyan, Basiola, etc.; The Fair at Sorochintzy (Mussorgsky) – Serafin; Pinza, Danise, Olga Didur, Bourskaya, etc.

G1790. 9 Feb., 1931 Boccaccio – Bodanzky; Jeritza, Morgana, Manski, Kirchhoff, Schützendorf Telva, Fleischer, Meader, Clemens, etc.

G1791. 31 Jan., 1932 Sunday Night Concert – Pelletier; Martinelli, Mario, Swarthout, Rothier, Grischa Goluboff, etc.

G1792. 19 Feb., 1932 Lakmé – Hasselmans; Pons, Swarthout, Thill, Rothier, de Luca, etc.

G1793. 22 Feb., 1932 (M) La Juive – Hasselmans; Rethberg, Morgana, Martinelli, Rothier, Altglass (replacing Tedesco), etc.

G1794. 22 Feb., 1932 Les Contes d’Hoffmann – Hasselmans; Pons, Bori, Corona, Swarthout, Tokatyan, Ludikar, Basiola, de Luca, etc.

G1795. 13 March, 1932 Sunday Night Concert – Pelletier; Corona, Swarthout, Jagel, Basiola, Pasero, etc.

G1796. 16 March, 1932 La Sonnambula – Serafin; Pons, Gigli, Pinza, etc.

G1797. 27 April, 1932 Rigoletto – Bellezza; Basiola, Gigli, Pons, Pinza, Swarthout, etc.

G1798. 4 Dec., 1932 Sunday Night Concert – Pelletier; Bampton, Halstead, Gleason, Swarthout, Tokatyan, Bonelli, Pasero, etc.

G1799. 14 Jan., 1933 (M) Lohengrin – Bodanzky; Rethberg, Branzell, de Loor, Schorr, Hofmann, etc.

G1800. 22 Jan., 1933 Sunday Night Concert – Pelletier; Ellen Ballon, Fleisher, Bampton, Swarthout, Pinza, etc.

G1801. 5 Feb., 1933 Sunday Night Concert – Pelletier; Bori, Corona, Rethberg, Swarthout, Martinelli, Armando Borgioli, Pinza, etc.

G1802. 19 Feb., 1933 Sunday Night Concert – Pelletier; Pons, Gleason, Bampton, Swarthout, Jagel, Bonelli, Pinza, etc.

G1803. 22 Feb., 1933 Roméo – Hasselmans; Noréna, Johnson, de Luca, Pinza, Swarthout, etc.

G1804. 26 Feb., 1933 Sunday Night Concert (25th Gatti-Casazza celebration, w.Operatic Surprise Party) – Setti, Sturani, Serafin, Hasselmans, Bodanzky & Bellezza; Pons, Noréna, Sabanieeva, Rosa & Carmela Ponselle, Bori, Stückgold, Rethberg, Mario, Fleisher, Telva, Swarthout, Lauri-Volpi, Crooks, Chamlee, Johnson, Schipa, Martinelli, Tokatyan, Jagel, Melchior, de Luca, Amato, Chalmers, Schützendorf, Schorr, Armando Borgioli, Bonelli, Pinza, Pasero, Didur, etc. Rare!

G1805. 9 March, 1933 L’Amore dei Tre Re – Serafin; Bori, Johnson, Pasero, Bonelli, etc.

G1806. 1 Jan., 1934 La Traviata – Serafin; Muzio, Schipa, Bonelli, etc.

G1807. 11 Jan., 1934 Die Walküre – Bodanzky; Kappel, Lehmann (début), Branzell, Melchior, Hofmann, Liszt, etc.

G1808. 19 Jan., 1934 Gianni Schicchi – Bellezza; de Luca, Fleisher, Bourskaya, Martini, Pinza, etc.; Salome – Bodanzky; Ljungberg, Manski, Lorenz, Schorr, Clemens, Liszt, etc.

G1809. 27 Jan., 1934 Tannhäuser – Riedel; Melchior, Bonelli, Pinza, Clemens, Müller, Halstead, etc.

G1810. 9 Feb., 1934 Manon – Hasselmans; Bori, Schipa, de Luca, Rothier, etc.

G1811. 24 Feb., 1934 L’Africaina – Serafin; Rethberg, Mario, Martinelli, Lazzari, Pinza, Armando Borgioli, etc.

G1812. 10 March, 1934 La Traviata – Serafin; Bori, Martini, Bonelli, etc.

G1813. 14 March, 1934 Rigoletto – Bellezza; de Luca, Hackett, Pons, Lazzari, Bourskaya, etc.

G1814. 17 March, 1934 Cavalleria – Bellezza; Carmela Ponselle, Petina, del Corso, Armando Borgioli, etc.; Salome – Riedel; Ljungberg, Manski, Jagel, Schorr, Clemens, Liszt, etc.

G1815. 18 March, 1934 Sunday Night Concert – Henrotte & Pelletier; Falco, Mario, Bampton, Swarthout, Jagel, Lorenz, Martini, de Luca, Pinza, etc.

G1816. 23 March, 1934 Merry Mount (Hanson) – Serafin; Petina, Wakefield, Corona, Johnson, Bonelli, Windheim, etc.

G1817. 1 April, 1934 Sunday Night Concert (Gala Easter Concert) – Pelletier; Leider, Ljungberg, Fleisher, Corona, Carmela Ponselle, Swarthout, Melchior, Jagel, Martini, de Luca, Schorr, Rothier, etc.

G1818. 1 Feb., 1935 Faust – Hasselmans; Martinelli, Noréna, Pinza, Bonelli, etc.

G1819. 9 Feb., 1935 Aïda – Panizza; Rethberg, Olszewska, Martinelli, Tibbett, Rothier, etc.

G1820. 14 Feb., 1935 Lohengrin – Bodanzky; Lehmann, Melchior, Olszewska, Schorr, Liszt etc.

G1821. 4 March, 1935 La Serva Padrona – Bellezza; Fleischer, d’Angelo & Bada; Don Pasquale – Panizza; Bori, Schipa, de Luca, Pinza, etc.

G1822. 10 March, 1935 Sunday Night Concert – Henrotte; Noréna, Corona, Jepson, Martinelli, Crooks, Bonelli, etc.

G1823. 13 March, 1935 La Serva Padrona – Bellezza; Fleischer, d’Angelo & Bada; Don Pasquale – Panizza; Bori, Schipa, de Luca, Pinza, etc.

G1824. 1 Feb., 1936 Madama Butterfly – Panizza; Burke, Bentonelli, Bonelli, etc.

G1825. 18 Feb., 1936 Aïda – Panizza; Rethberg, Bampton, Jagel, Tibbett, Pinza, etc.

G1826. 26 Feb., 1936 La Boheme – Papi; Bori, Martinelli, Gleason, Morelli, Pinza, etc.

G1827. 29 Feb., 1936 (M) Pagliacci – Papi; Mario, Martinelli, Bonelli, etc.; Serenade (Tchaikovsky) – Cimara; American Ballet Ensemble; Gianni Schicchi – Papi; Huehn, Burke, Bentonelli, Bourskaya, Windheim, etc.

G1828. 7 March, 1936 Tristan – Riedel; Kappel, Melchior, Branzell, Schorr, Windheim, Habich, etc.

G1829. 21 March, 1936 (M) La Rondine – Panizza; Bori, Martini, Fleischer, d'Angelo, etc.

G1830. 5 Feb., 1938 Otello – Panizza; Carron, Tibbett, Jessner, Moscona, etc.

G1831. 14 March, 1938 Amelia al Ballo (Menotti) – Panizza; Dickson, Chamlee, Brownlee, Cordon, etc.; Salome – Panizza; Marjorie Lawrence, Manski, Maison, Huehn, Cordon, etc.

G1832. 12 Jan., 1939 Fidelio – Bodanzky; Flagstad, Maison, Schorr, List, Huehn, etc.

G1833. 15 March, 1940 (M) Carmen – Pelletier; Swarthout, Martinelli, Albanese, Pinza, etc.

G1834. 23 Dec., 1940 Louise – Panizza; Moore, Kullman, Doe, Pinza, etc.

G1835. 3 Jan., 1941 Rigoletto – Papi; Tibbett, Kullman, Pons, Moscona, Kaskas, etc.

G1836. 27 Jan., 1941 Faust – Pelletier; Kullman, Jepson, Cordon (replacing Pinza), Bonelli, etc.

G1837. 23 Feb., 1941 Sunday Night Concert – Cimara; Greco, Steber, Castagna, Tuminia, Burke, Manski, Carron, Jobin, de Paolis, Valentino, Brownlee, Cordon, etc.

G1838. 15 March, 1941 Cavalleria – Calusio; Giannini, Jagel, Valentino, Kaskas & Doe; Pagliacci – Calusio; Martinelli, Greco, Bonelli, Valentino & Dudley.

G1839. 13 Dec., 1941 La Traviata – Panizza; Sayão (replacing Novotná), Kullman, Tibbett, etc.

G1840. 1 March, 1942 Sunday Night Concert – Cleva; Greco, Tuminia, Novotná, Branzell, Kullman, Carron, Valentino, Harrell, Pechner, List, etc.

G1841. 9 Dec., 1942 La Serva Padrona – Breisach; Sayão, Baccaloni & de Paolis; Salome – Szell (début); Djanel, Branzell, Jagel (replacing Maison), Janssen, etc.

G1842. 17 Feb., 1943 Aïda – Pelletier; Milanov, Martinelli, Castagna, J.C. Thomas, etc. (Excellent, albeit comments at bottom of title page indicating singers’ behavior [Milanov falling off ladder & wearing her ridiculous costumes]).

G1843. 3 March, 1943 Il Trovatore – Sodero; Roman, Carron, Castagna, Bonelli, etc.

G1844. 16 March, 1943 La Traviata – Sodero; Sayão (replacing Albanese), Kullman, Tibbett, etc. (Excellent, albeit comments at bottom of title page indicating singers’ performances [Sayão notably fine, but Tibbett’s voice is going]).

G1845. 27 Nov., 1943 (M) La Forza del Destino – Walter; Roman, Jagel, Tibbett, Pinza, Baccaloni, Kaskas, etc. (Excellent, albeit comments on title page indicating singers’ performances).

G1846. 27 Nov., 1943 La Boheme – Sodero; Novotná, Tokatyan, Valentino, Greer, etc.

G1847. 11 Dec., 1943 (M) Tristan – Beecham; Melchior, Traubel, Thorborg, Cordon, Janssen, Darcy, etc.

G1848. 18 Dec., 1943 (M) Rigoletto – Sodero; Warren (replacing Tibbett), Kullman, Pons, Moscona, Kaskas, etc.

G1849. 25 Dec., 1943 (M) Mignon – Beecham; Stevens, Munsel, Melton, Cordon, de Paolis (replacing Dame), etc.

G1850. 8 Jan., 1944 (M) Lucia – Sodero; Pons, Melton, Warren, Moscona, etc.

G1851. 9 Jan.,1944 Gala Sunday Night Program – Breisach; Djanel, Jessner, Harshaw, Paulee, Thorborg, Petina, de Paolis, Tokatyan, Lazzari, Moscona, Brownlee, etc.

G1852. 12 Feb., 1944 (M) Norma – Sodero; Milanov, Castagna, Jagel, Lazzari, etc.

G1853. 26 Feb., 1944 (M) Les Contes d’Hoffmann – Beecham; Munsel, Djanel, Novotná, Jobin, Pinza, Singher, Oliviero, Harrell, de Paolis, etc.

G1854. 4 March, 1944 (M) La Boheme – Sodero; Sayão, Martini, Brownlee, Carroll, Lazzari, etc.

G1855. 11 March, 1944 (M) Falstaff – Beecham; Warren, Steber, Greer, Harshaw, Brownlee, Kullman, etc.

6. 11 March, 1944 Rigoletto – Sodero; Valentino, Tokatyan, Munsel, Moscona, Castagna, etc.

G1857. 18 March, 1944 (M) Il Trovatore – Sodero; Milanov (replacing Roman), Baum, Warren, Harshaw, etc. Excellent, albeit comments on title page indicating singers’ performances – Baum couldn’t be heard in the Family Circle!

G1858. 8 April, 1944 (M) Tosca – Sodero; Moore, Kullman, Svéd, etc.

G1859. 2 Dec., 1944 (M) Die Walküre – Szell; Bampton, Traubel, Melchior, Kipnis, Thorborg, Hober (début), Jessner, Harshaw, etc.

G1860. 10 Dec., 1944 Gala Sunday Night Program – Breisach; Djanel, Resnik, Varnay, Conner, Harshaw, Votipka, Baum, Valentino, Brownlee, Baccaloni, etc.

G1861. 6 Jan., 1945 (M) Lucia – Sodero; Munsel, Peerce, Warren, Moscona, etc.

G1862. 20 Jan., 1945 (M) Rigoletto – Sodero; Warren (replacing Tibbett), Björling (replacing Kullman), Sayão (replacing Antoine), Cordon, Kaskas, etc.

G1863. 27 Jan., 1945 Faust – Pelletier, Jobin, Conner, Cordon, Valentino, Paulee, etc.

G1864. 31 March, 1945 (M) Il Trovatore – Sodero; Milanov, Baum, Warren, Castagna, etc. Autographed by Milanov & Castagna. Incomplete - Title page and covers only.

G1865. 7 Dec., 1945 Barbiere – Sodero; Sayão, Landi, Pinza, Singher, Baccaloni, etc.

G1866. 15 Dec., 1945 (M) Die Meistersinger – Szell; Steber, Thorborg, Kullman, Synrod (replacing Janssen), List, etc.

G1867. 19 Dec., 1945 Roméo – Cooper; Kirsten, Jobin, Singher, Valentino, Hayward, etc.

G1868. 21 Dec., 1945 La Gioconda – Cooper; Milanov, Tucker, Warren, Pinza, Stevens, Harshaw, etc.

G1869. 22 Dec., 1945 (M) Lohengrin – Busch; Melchior, Traubel, Thorborg, Janssen, Cordon, etc.

G1870. 12 Jan., 1946 (M) Les Contes d’Hoffmann – Pelletier; Alarie, Novotná, Thebom, Jobin, Singher, etc.

G1871. 12 Jan., 1946 Don Giovanni – Szell; Pinza, Baccaloni, Kullman, Milanov, Steber, Sayão, etc.

G1872. 25 Jan., 1946 Die Walküre – Breisach; Varnay, Traubel, Thorborg, Melchior, Berglund, Kipnis, Harshaw, etc.

G1873. 2 Feb., 1946 Barbiere – Sodero; Munsel, Martini, Pinza, Valentino, Baccaloni, etc.

G1874. 9 Feb., 1946 (M) Tosca – Sodero; Moore, Peerce, Tibbett, etc.

G1875. 9 Feb., 1946 Die Meistersinger – Szell; Steber, Thorborg, Ralf, Berglund, Pechner, List, etc.

G1876. 13 Feb., 1946 Les Contes d’Hoffmann – Alarie, Novotná, Djanel, Jobin, Singher, de Paolis, etc.

G1877. 23, Feb., 1946 Tosca – Sodero; Flesch, Tokatyan, Svéd, etc.

G1878. 9 March, 1946 (M) Lucia – Cimara; Munsel, Peerce, Valentino, Moscona, etc.

G1879. 23 March, 1946 Tannhäuser – Busch; Ralf, Huehn, Cordon, Varnay (replacing Traubel), Thebom, etc.

G1880. 30 March, 1946 (M) Die Walküre – Breisach; Melchior, List, Janssen, Varnay, Traubel, Thorborg, Harshaw, etc.

G1881. 31 March, 1946 Gala Sunday Night Program benefitting musicians for French-American friendship – Walter & Pelletier Cond. Charles Boyer, Kirsten, Moore, Djanel, Novotná, Jobin, Tibbett, Singher, Brownlee, Zino Francescatti, Robert & Gaby Casadesus. Complete 4–page foldout.

G1882. 11 Nov., 1946 OPENING NIGHT – Lakmé – Fourestier (début); Pons, Irene Jordan (début), Jobin, Vaghi, Singher, etc.

G1883. 13 Nov., 1946 Nozze – Busch; Steber, Greer, Stevens, Pinza, Brownlee, Chabay (début), Baccaloni, etc.

G1884. 18 Nov., 1946 Aïda – Sodero; Milanov, Vinay, Thebom, Warren, Moscona, etc.

G1885. 4 Dec., 1946 Aïda – Sodero; Milanov, Svanholm, Turner, Warren, Moscona, etc.

G1886. 13 Dec., 1946 Tristan – Busch; Svanholm (replacing Ralf), Traubel, Thebom, Ernster, Berglund, etc.

G1887. 16 Dec., 1946 Siegfried – Stiedry; Svanholm, Janssen, List, Traubel, Harshaw, Conner, etc.

G1888. 23 Dec., 1946 Faust – Fourestier; Björling, Mazella, Pinza, Merrill, Turner, etc.

G1889. 31 Dec., 1946 Rigoletto – Sodero; Tibbett, Peerce, Munsel, Lipton, Moscona, Chabay, etc.

G1890. 6 Jan., 1947 Boris Godounov – Cooper; Pinza, Moscona, Valentino, Harrell, Baccaloni, Alarie, Hines, etc.

G1891. 8 Jan., 1947 Der Rosenkavalier – Busch; Jessner, Novotná, Conner, List, Lechner, Hayward, etc.

G1892. 10 Jan., 1947 La Boheme – Sodero; Tagliavini (début), Albanese, Valentino, Benzell, etc.

G1893. 11 Jan., 1947 Aïda – Sodero; Flesch (replacing Roman), Baum, Thebom, Merrill, Moscona, etc.

G1894. 18 Jan., 1947 (M) Entführung – Cooper; Steber, Alarie, Ernster, Kullman, etc. Kullman,

G1895. 18 Jan., 1947 Lakmé – Pelletier; Munsel, Knight (replacing Jobin), Jordan, Singher, Moscona, Benzell, etc.

G1896. 22 Jan., 1947 Siegfried – Stiedry; Melchior, Berglund, Szekely, Harshaw, Traubel, Benzell, etc.

G1897. 27 Jan., 1947 Il Trovatore – Sodero; Roman, Björling, Harshaw, Valentino, Vaghi, etc.

G1898. 29 Jan., 1947 La Traviata – Sodero; Sayão, Melton, Tibbett, etc.

G1899. 31 Jan., 1947 The Warrior (Bernard Rogers) – Rudolf; Harrell, Resnik, etc.; Hänsel und Gretel – Stiedry; Stevens, Conner, Votipka, Turner, Brownlee, etc.

G1900. 1 Feb., 1947 Die Meistersinger – Busch; Varnay, Harshaw, Svanholm, Janssen, Pechner, Ernster, Harrell, etc.

G1901. 8 Feb., 1947 Der Rosenkavalier – Busch; Jessner, Stevens, Steber, Ernster, Hayward, Chabay, etc.

G1902. 12 Feb., 1947 La Gioconda – Cooper; Milanov, Tucker, Warren, Vaghi, Stevens, etc.

G1903. 21 Feb., 1947 Lucia – Sodero; Munsel, Tagliavini, Valentino, Vaghi, etc.

G1904. 22 Feb., 1947 Otello – Busch; Ralf, Quartararo, Warren, Moscona, etc.

G1905. 28 Feb., 1947 Roméo – Cooper; Munsel, Jobin, Singher, Moscona, Hayward, etc.

G1906. 3 March, 1947 Entführung - Cooper; Steber, Ernster, Thompson, Benzell, Knight, etc.

G1907. 8 March, 1947 Lucia – Sodero; Munsel, Peerce, Valentino, Vaghi, etc.

G1908. 10 March, 1947 Tristan – Busch; Melchior, Palmer (replacing Traubel), Harshaw, Ernster, Janssen, etc.

G1909. 14 March, 1947 La Traviata – Sodero; Kirsten, Peerce, Valentino, etc.

G1910. 19 March, 1947 La Boheme – Sodero ; Tagliavini, Kirsten, Valentino, Greer, Baccaloni, etc.

G1911. 31 March, 1947 Rigoletto – Cimara (replacing Sodero); Warren, Tagliavini, Antoine, Vaghi, Browning, etc.

G1912. 2 April, 1947 Parsifal – Stiedry; Svanholm, Janssen, Ernster, Berglund, Pechner, Bampton, Harshaw, etc.

G1913. 3 April, 1947 Carmen – Fourestier; Tourel, Jobin, Quartararo, Merrill, etc.

G1914. 5 April, 1947 (M) Il Trovatore – Sodero; Ilitsch, Björling, Warren, Harshaw, Moscona, etc.

G1915. 5 April, 1947 Barbiere – Cimara; Munsel, Tagliavini, Baccaloni, Valentino, Vaghi, etc.

G1916. 7 Nov., 1947 Pre-Season Gala Performance: Don Giovanni – Rudolf; Pinza, Baccaloni, Kullman, Bampton, Stoska (début), Conner, Harrell, etc.

G1917. 26 Nov., 1947 Tristan – Martin; Lorenz, Schlüter (début), Thebom, Ernster, etc.; Includes Olin Downes’ NYT review which who reports “one of the dullest performances of Tristan that we recall, with a new Isolde who is certainly, beyone doubt or per adventure, the worst impersonator of the title part in our considerable experience of the opera…. She sings very badly, explosively, off pitch, with tones that are customarily shrill and unsteady.”

G1918. 17 Nov., 1947 Don Giovanni – Rudolf; Pinza, Baccaloni, Kullman, Resnik, Quartararo, Conner, Hines & Alvary (replacing Harrell).

G1919. 28 Nov., 1947 Il Trovatore – Cooper; Roman, Baum, Warren, Elmo, Vaghi, etc.

G1920. 2 Dec., 1947 La Boheme - Sodero; Claudia Pinza, Peerce, Valentino, Greer, etc.

G1921. 5 Dec., 1947 Aïda – Cooper; Ilitsch, Ralf, Harshaw, Warren, Vaghi, etc.

G1922. 6 Dec., 1947 Carmen – Fourestier; Stevens, Baum, Claudia Pinza, Singher, Chabay, etc.

G1923. 10 Dec., 1947 Ballo – Antonicelli; Roman, Tucker, Warren, Elmo, Alarie, Moscona, etc.

G1924. 11 Dec., 1947 Il Trovatore – Cooper; Ilitsch, Baum, Elmo, Merrill, Vaghi, etc.

G1925. 13 Dec., 1947 Die Meistersinger – Martin; Stoska, Lipton, Ralf, Berglund, Pechner, Ernster, Chabay, Hines, etc.

G1926. 16 Dec., 1947 Lucia – Cimara; Pons, Tagliavini, Merrill, Moscona, etc.

G1927. 17 Dec., 1947 Carmen – Fourestier; Petina, Baum, Conner, Singher, etc.

G1928. 19 Dec., 1947 Cavalleria – Antonicelli; Elmo, Jagel (replacing Berini), Valentino, Claramae Turner & Lipton; Pagliacci – Antonicelli; Albanese, Jobin, Valdengo (début), Chabay & Thompson.

G1929. 21 Dec., 1947 Special Sunday Performance: Barbiere – Cimara; Munsel, Pinza, Valdengo, Baccaloni, etc.

G1930. 22 Dec., 1947 Louise – Fourestier; Kirsten, Jobin, Harshaw, Brownlee, etc.

G1931. 31 Dec., 1947 Cavalleria – Antonicelli; Resnik, Björling, Jordan, Valentino & Claramae Turner; Pagliacci – Antonicelli; Albanese, Jagel, Valdengo, Chabay & Thompson.

G1932. 1 Jan., 1948 Manon – Fourestier; Sayão, Kullman, Singher, Moscona, Greer, Claramae Turner, etc.

G1933. 5 Jan., 1948 Tosca – Antonicelli; Tassinari, Tagliavini, Svéd, etc.

G1934. 7 Jan., 1948 Barbiere – Cimara; Pons, Kinght, Baccaloni, Valdengo, Vaghi, etc.

G1935. 10 Jan., 1948 Rigoletto – Cimara; Warren, Pons, Peerce, Vaghi, Browning, etc.

G1936. 12 Jan., 1948 Aïda – Cooper; Roman, Ralf, Thebom, Valdengo, Moscona, etc. Incl. photo of Roman wearing the ancient jewelry she will wear at this performance.

G1937. 13 Jan., 1948 Carmen – Fourestier; Petina, Berini, Singher, Claudia Pinza, etc.

G1938. 14 Jan., 1948 La Traviata – Antonicelli; Sayão, Melton, Valentino, etc.

G1939. 17 Jan., 1948 (M) Lucia – Cimara; Pons, Tagliavini, Merrill, Moscona, etc.

G1940. 19 Jan., 1948 Carmen – Fourestier; Stevens, Baum, Merrill, Conner, etc.

G1941. 23 Jan., 1948 Tosca – Antonicelli; Tassinari, Tagliavini, Tibbett, etc.

G1942. 29 Jan., 1948 Barbiere – Cimara; Carmen Gracia (début), Kinght, Luise, Valdengo, Vaghi, etc.

G1943. 31 Dec., 1948 (M) La Boheme – Antonicelli; Sayao, Tagliavini, Brownlee, Benzell, Baccaloni, etc.

G1944. 7 Feb., 1948 (M) Carmen – Pelletier; Stevens, Vinay, Singher, Conner, etc.

G1945. 7 Feb., 1948 Ballo – Busch; Ilitsch, Tucker, Valentino, Elmo, Manski, Vaghi, etc.

G1946. 8 Feb., 1948 Special Sunday Performance: La Traviata – Antonicelli; Sayão, Tagliavini, Valdengo, etc.

G1947. 11 Feb., 1948 La Boheme – Antonicelli; Sayão, Tagliavini, Valentino, Benzell, Vaghi, etc.

G1948. 14 Feb., 1948 Cavalleria – Antonicelli; Resnik, Berini, Valentino, Lipton & Claramae Turner; Pagliacci – Antonicelli; Quartararo, Vinay, Valdengo, Chabay & Thompson.

G1949. 19 Feb., 1948 Louise – Cooper; Kirsten, Vinay, Harshaw, Brownlee, etc.

G1950. 26 Feb., 1948 La Boheme – Antonicelli; Tassinari, Tagliavini, Valentino, Greer, Moscona, etc.

G1951. 1 March, 1948 Il Trovatore – Cooper; Ilitsch, Björling, Merrill, Elmo, Vaghi, etc.

G1952. 6 March, 1948 Madama Butterfly – Antonicelli; Kirsten, Peerce, Valdengo, etc.

G1953. 8 March, 1948 Die Meistersinger – Busch; Varnay, Harshaw, Svanholm, Janssen, Pechner, Ernster, Harrell, Hines, etc.

G1954. 12 March, 1948 Carmen – Pelletier; Stevens, Baum, Quartararo, Singher, etc.

G1955. 13 March, 1948 Tristan – Busch; Melchior, Traubel, Thorborg, Szekely, Berglund, Chabay, etc.

G1956. 22 March, 1948 La Boheme – Antonicelli; Sayão, Tucker, Valentino, Benzell, Baccaloni, etc.

G1957. 24 March, 1948 Parsifal – Stiedry; Svanholm, Singher, Moscona, Berglund, Pechner, Bampton, Harshaw, etc.

G1958. 27 March, 1948 Tosca – Antonicelli; Tassinari, Tagliavini, Brownlee, etc.

G1959. 30 Nov., 1948 L’Elisir d'Amore – Antonicelli; Sayão, Tagliavini, Valdengo, Baccaloni, etc.

G1960. 10 Dec., 1948 Louise – Cooper; Kirsten, Kullman, Harshaw, Brownlee, etc.

G1961. 15 Dec., 1948 Rigoletto – Cimara; Warren, Peerce, Pons, Elmo, Vichegonov, etc.

G1962. 23 Dec. 1948 Mignon – Pelletier; Stevens, di Stefano, Munsel, Moscona, Jean Browning-Madeira, etc.

G1963. 25 Dec., 1948 (M) La Boheme – Antonicelli; Sayão, Björling, Valentino, Benzell, Baccaloni, etc.

G1964. 28 Dec., 1948 Barbiere – Cimara; Carmen Gracia (replacing Pons), Knight, Tajo (début), Valdengo, Baccaloni, etc.

G1965. 30 Dec., 1948 L’Elisir d'Amore – Antonicelli; Sayão, Tagliavini, Valdengo, Baccaloni, etc.

G1966. 3 Jan., 1949 Il Trovatore – Cooper; Roman, Björling, Valdengo, Elmo, Hines, etc.

G1967. 13 Jan., 1949 Rigoletto – Cimara; Tibbett, di Stefano, Munsel, Vichegonov, Browning, etc.

G1968. 23 Jan., 1949 Special Sunday Performance: L’Elisir d'Amore – Antonicelli; Cotlow, di Stefano, Valdengo, Tajo, etc.

G1969. 28 Jan., 1949 Rigoletto – Cimara; Tibbett, di Stefano, Conner, Ernster, Browning, Jean Browning-Madeira, etc.

G1970. 4 Feb., 1949 Gianni Schicchi – Antonicelli; Tajo, di Stefano, Conner, Elmo, Lazzari, Pechner, etc.; Salome – Reiner (début); Welitsch (début), Lorenz, Thorborg, Berglund (replacing Janssen), etc.

G1971. 9 Feb., 1949 Aïda – Cooper; Welitsch, Jagel, Thebom, Guarrera, Hines, etc.

G1972. 14 Feb., 1949 Gianni Schicchi – Antonicelli; Tajo, di Stefano, Conner, Elmo, Lazzari, Pechner, etc.; Salome – Reiner; Welitsch, Lorenz, Thorborg, Janssen, Sullivan, etc.

G1973. 21 Feb., 1949 Pelléas – Cooper; Jacques Jansen, Dosia, Brownlee, Harshaw, Moscona, etc.

G1974. 3 March, 1949 Falstaff – Reiner; Warren, Valdengo, di Stefano, Chabay, Resnik, Albanese, Elmo, etc.

G1975. 7 March, 1949 Falstaff – Reiner; Warren, Valdengo, di Stefano, Chabay, Resnik, Albanese, Elmo, etc.

G1976. 14 March, 1949 Nozze – Busch; Valentino (replacing Brownlee), Brownlee (replacing Tajo), Baccaloni, Stoska, Sayão, Stevens, etc.

G1977. 12 April, 1949 Gala Performance: La Traviata – Antonicelli; Albanese, Tagliavini, Merrill, etc.

G1978. 21 Nov., 1949 Opening Night: Der Rosenkavalier – Reiner; Steber, Stevens, Berger (début), List, Thompson, di Stefano, etc.

G1979. 28 Feb., 1950 Gala Testimonial in honor of Edward Johnson (in elaborate program): Tosca – Antonicelli; Welitsch, Tagliavini, Tibbett (replacing Schöffler), etc.; Opera Pageant: Pelletier; Bori, Quartararo, Albanese, Berger, Welitsch, Stoska, Novotná, Jessner, Conner, Steber, Varnay, Thebom, Jobin, Martinelli, Tagliavini, Conley, Peerce, Tucker, Baum, Jagel, Svanholm, de Luca, Harrell, Warren, Tibbett, Merrill, Schorr, etc. Includes Irving Jerome D. Bohm’s review in which he states “…the ensuing stage-business, including the kicking of the dying Scarpia, was a bit of melodrama in dubious taste.”

G1980. 13 Nov., 1950 Der Fliegende Holländer – Reiner; Hotter, Sven Nilsson, Svanholm, Varnay, Harshaw & Hayward.

G1981. 19 Dec., 1950 Faust – Cleva; Björling, Steber, Siepi, Guarrera, Votipka, etc.

G1982. 12 Jan., 1951 Der Fliegende Holländer – Reiner; Hotter, Sven Nilsson, Kullman, Varnay, Madeira & Hayward.

G1983. 17 March, 1951 Faust – Cleva; Conley, de los Angeles (début), Hines, Guarrera, Votipka, etc.