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Section II - Harp 78rpm records Nos. M0222 – M0237

M0222. DANA SUESSE, w.Casper Reardon (Harp) & Chauncey Morehouse (Percussion): YOUNG MAN WITH A HARP - Suite for Harp and Orchestra (Played by the Composer), 4s. 2-12” Schirmer Records 2525/26, only form of issue, 12 April, 1940, in Orig. Schirmer Album #8. M-A MB 25, the Set.

“Casper Reardon was part of the first classes of Carlos Salzedo, along with Lucile Lawrence, Florence Wightman, Edna Phillips, Alice Chalifoux, Flora Greenwood and several others. He played in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, then moved to New York and started swinging, then died young and suddenly, breaking a lot of hearts. He was a student of Carlos Salzedo at the Curtis Institute of Music where he had won a scholarship, had spent five years, 1926-31, in Cincinnati where he played with the Cincinnati Symphony and taught harp students of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Coming to New York, Mr. Reardon played swing music on his instrument with great success making many appearances and appearing twice with Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra when it combined with the Philadelphia Orchestra.
- THE NEW YORK TIMES, 10 March, 1941

M0223. CARLOS SALZÉDO (Harp): Short Stories in Music for Young Harpists (Played by the Composer), 2s. 12" RCA 14871, only form of issue, 1938. M-A MB 12

M0224. CARLOS SALZÉDO (Harp), GEORGES BARRÈRE (Flute) & Horace Britt (Cello): La Cupis (celebrating La Camargo) / Le Tambourin (both Rameau). 10" PW V 1976, only form of issue, 24 May, 1937. M-A MB 15

M0225. ANITA LOUISE (Harp): Chanson sans paroles (Dubez) / w.Christian Thaulow (Violin) & Francis Tonhazy (Cello): Star Dust (Carmichael-Parish). 10" black Royale 1859, only form of issue, 1940. M-A MB 12

Anita Louise came to prominence in the mid 1930s at Warner Bros., but she had actually been in movies since 1922, when she was a 7 year-old child actress, and she successfully made the transition to a teen actress, and then an adult leading lady (one of the very few child stars to ever do this, joining Natalie Wood, and a very select few others!) Some of her movies include: THE STORY OF LOUIS PASTEUR, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A DREAM COMES TRUE, TOVARICH, THE LITTLE PRINCESS, and MARIE ANTOINETTE.

M0226. MILDRED DILLING (Harp): Arabesque #1 (Debussy) / At the Spring (Albert Heinrich Zabel). 12" plum HMV C.1642, POM-1928. M-A MB 12

“Mildred Dilling, a concert harpist who performed for five Presidents, taught Harpo Marx and owned the world's largest private collection of harps, performed throughout North and South America, the Orient and Europe. At the peak of her career, she gave 85 concerts and traveled 30,000 miles a year. Dilling performed with noted vocalists Alma Gluck, Frances Alda, Yvette Guilbert, Nelson Eddy, and brothers Édouard de Reszke and Jean de Reszke. She played with Charles Wagner's Community Concert Series over 2000 times.

A founder of the American Harp Society, Miss Dilling kept about 65 harps in her apartment and had others stored around the world. Sometimes she would bring 25 along on a concert tour. She performed for the first time at the White House during the Administration of Warren G. Harding and gave concerts there on six more occasions.
- THE NEW YORK TIMES, 3 Jan., 1983

M0227. LILY LASKINE: Impromptu pour harpe (Fauré), 2s. 12” PW V 12005. M-A MB 10

M0228. LILY LASKINE: Impromptu - Caprice pour harpe (Pierné) / Ballade roumaine pour harpe (Golestan). 12” PW plum Disque Gram. L-985, only form of issue, 6 July, 1934. M-A MB 12

M0229. LILY LASKINE, w.Coppola Cond.: Danse pour harpe (Debussy), 2s. 12” PW black Disque Gram. W-1025, only form of issue, 4 March, 1929. M-A MB 10

M0230. LILY LASKINE, MARCEL DARRIEUX & GEORGES IBOS: Le sommeil de l’enfant Jésus (Büsser) / LASKINE, DARRIEUX, IBOS & JULES LEMAIRE: Oratorio de Noêl – Quatuor (Saint-Saëns). 12” violet Eng. Decca TF.140, POM-4 Jan., 1937. A to M-A, lovely copy has faint rubs, inaud. MB 12

M0231. MARCEL GRANDJANY: Automne (Played by the Composer) / Piano Sonata in g – Allegro vivace (Gretchaninov-Grandjany). 10” RCA 10-1120. M-A MB 10

M0232. ADA SASSOLI (Harp), JOHN LEMMONÉ (Flute) & MAURICE LAFARGE (Pf.): Concerto for Harp & Flute in C, K.299 – Mvt 1 (Mozart). 12" purple V 70029, POM-9 Nov., 1910. M-A, lovely copy has faintest rubs, inaud. MB 10

M0233. JOHN COCKERILL: Première Arabesque (Debussy) / JOHN COCKERILL, JEAN FOURNET, DAVID MARTIN, FREDERICK RIDDLE, JAMES WHITEHEAD, ARTHUR CLEGHORN & REGINALD KELL: Introduction and Allegro for Harp, with Strings and Woodwinds (Ravel), 4s. 2-12” dark-blue Eng. Col. DX 1310/11, POM-8 Nov., 1946. [John Thomas Cockerill, harpist of the Hallé Orchestra, was also principal harpist in the London Symphony Orchestra] M-A MB 15, the Pair.

M0234. HENRIETTE RENIÉ: L’Hirondelle (Daquin-Renié) / Siciliana (Respighi). 10” green French Odéon 166.089, POM-1928. M-A MB 8

M0235. HENRIETTE RENIÉ: Menuet (Rameau-Renié); Le Coucou (Daquin-Renié) / Feuille d’automne (Played by the Composer). 10” green French Odéon 166.088, POM-1928. M-A MB 8

M0236. HENRIETTE RENIÉ: Menuet (Haydn-Renié) / Valse in d (Chopin-Renié). 10” green French Odéon 166.231, POM-1929. M-A MB 8

M0237. HENRIETTE RENIÉ: Légende (Played by the Composer), 2s. 12” dark-blue PW Parl. E11232, POM-1928. M-A MB 10