L'il Abner         (Columbia OL-5150)         Original Broadway Cast LP
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L'il Abner         (Columbia OL-5150)         Original Broadway Cast LP
LP0124. L'IL ABNER (Johnny Mercer & Gene de Paul), Original 1956 Broadway Cast, w.Edith Adams, Peter Palmer, Charlotte Rae, Tina Louise, Stubby Kaye. Columbia OL 5150, 6-eye, grey label issue. Jacket front AUTOGRAPHED by Peter Palmer, Edith Adams, Tina Louise, Julie Newmar & Stubby Kaye.


“In 1955, Norman Panama and Melvin Frank announced a LI'L ABNER musical to open on Broadway in 1956, followed by a film of the musical. The music was to be written by Gene de Paul with lyrics by Johnny Mercer. De Paul and Mercer had previously written the score for the popular movie musical, SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS. Michael Kidd, who had choreographed SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS, was to direct and choreograph LI'L ABNER. Al Capp approved the production and was to receive a share of any profits. Paramount Pictures was the sole backer of the musical and also paid $300,000 for its film rights, with Panama and Frank slated to adapt, direct, and produce the film version.

The Broadway production, directed and choreographed by Michael Kidd and orchestrated by Philip J. Lang, opened on November 15, 1956 at the St. James Theatrewhere it ran for 693 performances. The original Broadway cast starred Peter Palmer in the title role and Edie Adams (billed as Edith Adams) as Daisy Mae. The cast included Howard St. John as General Bullmoose, Stubby Kaye as Marryin' Sam, Tina Louise as Appassionata von Climax, Julie Newmar as Stupefyin' Jones, Charlotte Rae as Mammy Yokum, Joe E. Marks as Pappy Yokum, Carmen Alvarez as Moonbeam McSwine, Ted Thurston as Senator Jack S. Phogbound, Bern Hoffman as Earthquake McGoon, and Tony Mordente as Lonesome Polecat. Jeanette Scovotti played in the ensemble.”

- Wikipedia