The Golden Apple     (Elektra EKL 5000)   Original Broadway cast LP
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The Golden Apple     (Elektra EKL 5000)   Original Broadway cast LP
LP0184. THE GOLDEN APPLE (Jerome Moross & John Latouche), Original 1954 Cast [Released by arrangement with RCA (original number LOC 1014)], w.Priscilla Gillette, Stephen Douglas, Kaye Ballard, Jack Whiting, Bibi Osterwald, Jonathan Lucas & Portia Nelson. Elektra Original grey Guitar Player label EKL 5000. Unplayed copy has faintest waterstains on jacket.


"John Latouche's and Jerome Moross' THE GOLDEN APPLE had the distinction of being the first off-Broadway work ever to undergo a planned transfer to the Broadway stage - there, despite rave reviews, it died a quick death, mostly because of misconceptions about its accessibility. Adapted from THE ILIAD and THE ODYSSEY - with the stories transposed to the early-20th century Pacific Northwest - it was a charming, folksy, tuneful, subtly sophisticated, and brilliantly clever score that could have won over audiences had it lasted long enough to generate positive word of mouth, but that wasn't to be. All that's left, apart from some great reviews, is this cast album, recorded in 1954. This re-release is akin to a gift from heaven, and one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful listening experiences of its kind that one can have - composer Jerome Moross, who later became immortalized as a film composer, here is trading in melodies that seem to parallel pieces such as Lerner & Loewe's 'They Call the Wind Maria', and has a few tunes in here that later surface in more thoroughly realized versions as part of the score for THE BIG COUNTRY. This isn't the full score, sad to say - the producers were obliged to cut both whole numbers and sections of many songs that were included in order to come up with a single LP release, but what is here is a delightful folk opera: unpretentious, playful, and accessible - and ironically enough, if it were intact, it might be a great way to start teaching Homer today to grade-school students. And the vocal contributions, by Priscilla Gillette, Stephen Douglass, Kaye Ballard, Portia Nelson, et al., are priceless."

- Bruce Eder, Rovi