Peg o' My Heart      (Laurette Taylor)       (10" Decca DL 7012)
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Peg o' My Heart      (Laurette Taylor)       (10" Decca DL 7012)
LP0204. PEG O' MY HEART (J. Hartley Manners), dramatic play reading, w.Laurette Taylor. (10" LP) 10" early green Decca DL 7012. [Extraordinary to find an LP of this vintage as unplayed.]


“It is our immeasurable loss that Laurette Taylor's performances were not preserved on the modern screen. The same is true of Duse and Bernhardt, with whom her name belongs. Their glory survives in the testimony and inspiration of those who saw them. Too many people have been too deeply moved by the gift of Laurette Taylor for that to disappear from us.”

- Tennessee Williams, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 5 Dec., 1949

“Laurette Taylor married British-born playwright J. Hartley Manners, who wrote the play PEG O' MY HEART, a successful play and an enduring personal triumph for Taylor, who toured in it extensively throughout the country. The play's success inspired a 1922 film version starring Taylor and directed by King Vidor. A six-reel print of the film survives in the Motion Picture Division of the Library of Congress. The marriage was successful and Taylor remained married to Manners until his death in 1928.

PEG O' MY HEART, which ran on Broadway from December 20, 1912 to May 1914 (a total of 603 performances) cemented her fame and reputation with audiences as a skilled actress. She toured the nation with the play, which reopened on Broadway at the Cort Theater on February 14, 1921, and ran for another 692 performances.”

- Wikipedia