This is the Army     (10" Decca DL 5108)    Original Broadway cast LP
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This is the Army     (10" Decca DL 5108)    Original Broadway cast LP
LP0207. THIS IS THE ARMY (Irving Berlin), Original 1942 Broadway cast, incl.Captain Milton Rosenstock Cond.Stuart Churchill, James Cross, Julie Oshins, Earl Oxford, Robert Shanley, Ezra Stone, Philip Truex. (10" LP) 10" Decca early black label Decca DL 5108, in plain jacket. Apparently unplayed copy has, Sd.2 only, 2 faintest paper scratches, inaud.


“In May 1941, ex-Sergeant Irving Berlin was on tour at Camp Upton, his old Army base in Yaphank, New York during World War I. There he spoke with the commanding officers, including Capt. A.H. Rankin of Special Services, about restaging his original 1917 Army play, YIP! YIP! YAPHANK. Gen. George Marshall approved a Broadway production of a wartime musical for the army, allowing Berlin to conduct the arrangements and rehearsals at Camp Upton much like he had done during World War I. Sgt. Ezra Stone was selected as director for the new contemporary play, and the two set up on base during the weekdays to put together the story and crew THIS IS THE ARMY ran on Broadway, at the Broadway Theatre from July 4, 1942, to September 26, 1942. The show was directed by Sgt. Ezra Stone, choreographed by Cpl. Nelson Barclift and Sgt. Robert Sidney. The show was such a success that it went on the road. The national tour of the revue ended in San Francisco, CA, on February 13, 1943. By that time, it had earned $2 million (equal to $27,350,000 today) for the Army Emergency Relief Fund. The company of men that staged the play were the only Army outfit to be fully integrated, but only so off-stage. The ending of the war saw the ending of the road show, the last performance being on Maui, Hawaii October 22, 1945, with Irving Berlin once again singing his ‘Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning’."

- Wikipedia